Friday, September 28, 2007

Wheelchair delivery

Dan's sweet wheelchair was delivered to the RIC in Chicago this past Thursday. It was a long day of adjustments and fine tuning, but was so good to see Dan roving up and down the hallways under his own power once again. It is amazing that after not being in a power chair since mid June, Dan knows what to do, and does it well.

Thanks to salesman Mike from Rehab Tech, who went the extra mile to get a major modification done on the spot, so that we could go home with the chair. Susan, RIC head of Therapy was careful with many details to ensure full comfort for Dan.

The chair has a sophisticated environmental control unit [ECU] that lets Dan see what the chair is doing all the time. IE drive mode or idle, him controlling the chair or an assistant from the control unit on the back or the chair. He can tilt the chair backward by himself for a pressure release as needed to avoid sores. He has molded arm rests that support his arms and shoulders. His ventilator is now on a bracket instead of swing loosely. There are too many other features to mention. Ask him for a demo next time you see him.

Shortly we will program his ECU to operate the TV, DVD player, CD & radio. In the future he can control any type of infrared adaptable device such as light, doors, house alarms, etc.

Like he said it's a really sweet set of wheels.


A Mom in Cedarville said...

If we didn't live so far away (Cedarville), my 13-year-old son would be all over that burning the brush detail. :) Praying that God will see that it all gets done.

Anonymous said...

can you let me know what "handyman" stuff you need done? Joe isn't working too much, right now, and he is a carpenter.
I just have one more thing to say
I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching the celebrations. Just wait, we will get HCA excited:)