Tuesday, January 29, 2008

not so fast

Dan got home Tuesday noon, but because of elevated blood pressure issues, spasms, hot & cold temps and slight heart rate drops, he went [by ambulance] back to the hospital Tuesday evening.

Too many things to figure out, to post about right now. Keep Dan and Bill [fighting a cold/lack of sleep in the hospital] in your prayers. Wisdom for the doctors to know how to stabilize Dan.

We, Bill & Deb are a bit perplexed on why this is going on at this particular time. We are suppose to leave this weekend for a business conference, with time for much needed R & R. About 15 people, nurses, family & friends are lined up to provide care and food during our week long absence.

Not sure how to pray about that one Lord. [Please make it happen.]

Thanks for the checkinondan.

Well we are back home AGAIN, on Wednesday afternoon. Dan had a good stable day for the most part. There are a few high blood pressure readings going on late Wednesday night. Pray for consistency with his blood pressure forThursday & on. Thanks.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Change of Scenery :o(

Following is the email we sent out last night to family:

Hi all, Dan is at St. Joseph hospital in Elgin for a few days. His calcium level is high and has not dropped, but he also has a UTI and trach infection [the dr. said 3 "things" were growing -- new to him] all which have caused severe spasms in the past few weeks. There is a new medication that his spinal cord Dr. wants to try out. Don't all come visit at once. We do hope to be home by Wednesday the latest.

Thanks for your prayers.

Bill & Deb

We have wanted Dan to have a hospital visit to monitor some things, but we didn't want him to go because of these severe infections. He was given medications via IV last night.

We'll keep you posted.

Dan has gone through the weekend with many doctors and specialists poking at him. We have seen a pulmonologist [3rd time is a charm] and was given a "very healthy heart" thumbs up.

He has had 4 days of antibiotics for the 4 or 5 infections that put him in the hospital. Blood work this morning showed that they were all negative.

A new anti spasm drug was started last night. Immediate results cause a drop in blood pressure to the low 80's, which was expected for the initial run, but he was still given an IV flush to bring the BP up to 110-120 range. He was monitored every half hour but all was okay. [Bill only heard half of the overnight interruptions].

Dan hopes to be home Tuesday ... nothing like your own bed.

Thanks for your prayers.

PS Hey how about 21 days of
Dan's pacing WITH his cap being on 60% of the time!! He is also trying to sit up and is at a 30 to 40 degree angle.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

CU Senior Class of 2008 - Class Gift

"For those of you who missed class chapel,
we announced our Senior Class Gift yesterday!
Our project is inspired by fellow classmate Dan Knudsen.

For those of you who don't know who Dan is, check out his blog at:

Cedarville University 2008 Senior Class Project:

We're raising $25,000 to renovate a men's dorm room so that Dan, and students like Dan, can have the opportunity to attend Cedarville and live on our campus! So you might be thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of money!!?" and yes, you're right! It is! But, this is definitely an achievable goal and here's how we're going to do it!

How You Can Help:
1. $100!!!!! Every on campus senior is reimbursed their deposit,
($100) for their dorm room a few months after graduation. Over the next few months you will have the opportunity to donate your deposit to the Senior Class Gift. If only 250 seniors choose to give up their room deposit, we'll have earned the $25,000 needed! Please prayerfully consider opting to give your deposit towards the room!

2. T-Shirt Sales! The senior class will be selling t-shirts in the upcoming months! If you are creative and would like to help out with a design, we are having a contest! So email us your designs to this email account and your design could be the design that earns $$$ for the room!

3. Other Fund Raisers. When we begin selling shirts and other items, we'll need folks to volunteer to man the selling stations throughout the week! So please respond to this email if you're willing to help out in any way!

4. PRAY! Pray for the project. Pray for Dan. And pray for other future students that will be using the room!

We're extremely excited about this project and are very appreciative of
the support that you've already shown!

If you have any questions or creative ideas, feel free to let us know! Your '08 Class Officers


This is one of those "How long do I have to keep this quiet?" surprises. We received the letter above in December. WOW!!! We were speechless, overwhelmed, excited, thrilled, humbled, and yes, left in tears.

Brittany, Senior Class President, paid us a visit during the holidays to confirm and discuss this gift from the class of 2008, to honor one of their own classmates Dan Knudsen. Mike, Dan's twin, is also in the class of 2008.

Dan has every intention of returning to CU , hopefully fall '08, to finish his last year of college, and get his degree in Pre- Law.
This project is the first step towards accomplishing that goal.

"Thanks Class of 2008".

Bill, Deb, Brittany, Mike, Dan [pacing - no tubes]

Feel free to help directly-- Your gift is tax deductible if you ask.
Cedarville University
2008 Senior Class Project
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314

Monday, January 14, 2008


Theta Rho Epsilon (OPE) pronounced "Opie"

Theta Rho Epsilon is a men's organization that seeks to develop character and friendships through social and service opportunities.
This weekend was the OPE annual retreat. Dan & Mike are a member of this CU organization. Their mission is "to encourage one another", and they were a special encouragement to Dan today.

After spending the weekend in Chicago, they made a trek all the way out to the burbs on Sunday. After holding a worship service in our condo community room, they enjoyed a tasty Chicago style lunch of Italian beef on toasted rolls, french fries, salad, and home baked desserts.

OPE guys, "Thanks for letting us serve you. You blessed Dan and us."

Another BIG note of praise. Dan has gone one week without using a ventilator. Not just while he is in bed, but in his chair, while using his computer, AND is keeping his cap [the purple thing on his on his trach] on about 50% of the time. This is especially difficult when eating. He is still not able to sit upright as he would like to, but his spinal cord doctor thinks she has a new medication to help with that low blood pressure issue. Thanks once again for your continued prayers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Shocking -- we've posted!

I know, I know -- everyone's reminding us that we haven't undated in a long time. I (Debbie) figure it's my turn, since I rarely do my part (Have I posted more than once since school started?!)

What's going on with the Knudsen's?

We are quite excited about our new house being built (Bill will do the update soon for that.) I say excited, but it's always at the front of our minds why we need a new house; so, although we are enjoying the process, it's not at all with the same enthusiasm as if Dan were well.

This weekend is the OPE retreat in the Chicagoland area, so the guys are coming by Sunday. That will probably be the week's highlight. (or maybe our time with Gabri and Addy is!)

I continue to be overwhelmed by how many and how often people are praying for us. You keep asking for specific prayer requests. Here is what is on my heart at this time:
*Pray that Dan would be able to sit upright. It is so hard to see him so far back, unable to be on the level with others. This is one of the reasons his new doctor wants him in the hospital for a week. Is it a breathing problem or blood pressure or . . . ?
*Dan's spasms are very bad. What is causing them? I just touch his arm and his whole body spasms. He's on the highest dose of the medication now, so hopefully the hospital stay can figure that out also.

"I called on your name, O Lord, from the depths of the pit; You heard my plea, 'Do not close Your ear to my cry for help!' You came near when I called on You; You said, 'Do not fear!'"

We'll keep you posted -- honestly!

P.S. Did you know that it's 10 months this week since Dan's accident? When I remember the extent of Dan's injury, that it's a miracle that we still have him, then the setbacks don't seem as heavy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2 0 0 8 ! ! !

We do know where '07 went, by just looking at the post listings,
which is not a bad way, to keep track of your family's life.

The past week has been filled with family gatherings,
visits from
friends "passing through" or friends home for Christmas break.

Thanks to OPE guys
Mark, Nate & Adam
who came over from MI

for a day visit.

Then there was the old high school gang,

Adam, Ben, Jordan, Issac,
Kristi, Megan, Rachael,
and a few others who have dropped by to "hang out."

Mike was here for a week, then went to Orlando for the Capital One Bowl . . . something to do with his Athletic training, and cheerleaders ??? Some guys get all the fun.

The newly married ones,
Jen & Jeff,
flew in for a few days for a Christmas
The hide-a-bed sofa was not too kind to their backs . . .
we'll have to make guest room in the new house.

Oh, I almost forgot the doctor visit last week. We saw a new spinal cord rehab doctor who is local and seems to be interested in Dan. We took Trish, our "pro-active" nurse, with us and a list of questions. Dan's calcium is still on the high side, but many options to lower it and keep it down were discussed, one being a tilt table, which will help Dan get in an upright position with weight
on his legs and lower body.
Dr. Yin will help with all the various aspects of Dan's condition. There is still Dan's inability to sit more upright. [as you see in most of his photos] It was suggested that he do a week's stay in a local hospital where his meds can be adjusted under the eyes of his doctors. We tried a new blood pressure raising medication the other week, and experienced a sudden drop in Dan's heart rate, down to 50 bpm. Trish was able to catch it and bring it back up to normal. Stay tuned.

What about the new house?
Have we not said anything about a house being built for us???

We do own a new hole in the ground . . . next post.

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