Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who Turned out the Lights?

The aftermath of Hurricane Ike brought days of rain [8.5"] around the Chicago area and was also responsible for high winds in southwest Ohio. The winds were responsible for power outages at Cedarville, so Dan was without power Sunday afternoon until early Tuesday.

Dan uses a bit of electricity, including things like his bed's "low air-loss" mattress, so the dorm guys loaned him a futon mattress with extra pillows to prevent pressure sores. Dan's cold, which is clearing up, caused the need to be suctioned more, and so his portable suction machine was used. However, Dan needed his cough assist, so Garrett had to get it from the dorm to the student center, where there was a generator. They also had to recharge cell phones and Dan's chair at the student center, along with the suction machine.

When I called Dan, his concern was that he couldn't check his Fantasy Football standings!! (or watch CUBS games.) Nothing like college students "roughing it" for a few days.

We are SO thankful for the pacer vs. the vent. What an experience that would have been! We were told soon after Dan's accident that after 5 hours of loss of power that a vent patient has to head to somewhere with an alternative form of power.
Thanks again, Dr. Onders. Thank you, Lord, for guiding medical professionals to greater understanding.

Big thanks to Garrett, Dan's PA, who has had a few too many challenges thrown at him, in this 1st month of school. Bill, who had been at CU since August 15th, finally came home last Wednesday. We are both filled with mixed thoughts and emotions, because ... just because we're not close to Dan. We have confidence to know that Dan is in God's watch care, and that many at CU are helping out on a daily basis. Garrett, we are so grateful for your constant concern, and watch care over Dan. Do pray for Garrett's stamina to endure, and for help with scheduling regular time off for him.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Lift for Emily

This is an answer to prayer, that was passed on to me by Barb Shanahan, mother of Emily Shanahan, a sophomore at CU, who has disabilities like Dan. Here is Emily's website, for those of you who would like to read more about her journey.

"Dear Emily's Achievement Council,

This has to be one of the coolest emails that I have been able to send out yet!

As I look back at my project journal notes, it was May 24, 2006 that Ed Homan (owner of New Visions) met with us at Cedarville University to begin the discussions and draw up plans for a Ceiling Lift in Willet Hall. Even earlier, was on July 8, 2003 when God breathed into me the whole vision of the female; male dorms which would provide a supportive environment to those students living with disabilities! I do have to say that I have felt like Abraham along the way~

I am thrilled today to reveal to you the final plans and amazing final quote for the Ceiling Lift at Willet Hall. To be honest, I am happy and pleased (as is Tom) with Plan B.

The final quote is: $8,101 which leaves a $1,974 overage in budget! This money can now be "seed" money towards the male dorm ceiling lift project. Dan Knudsen is now living on campus at Cedarville U; actually across the street from Emily! We went from not having "enough" money to having seed money for the Male Dorm Ceiling Lift Project. My head is spinning and my heart is hopeful! Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Project Installation Goal Date is Fall Break: October 16, 2008. They are going to quote out Dan's room at the same time, to get an idea of where the lift placement would work for Dan.

Look Forward to Hearing From You,

Barb Shanahan
Emily's CEO (Chief Equipment Officer)

We are very excited for Emily, and the ceiling lift that will be installed in her dorm room. Only those who have used floor lifts, including CU students who are helping Dan and Emily, can fully appreciate all the added benefits of this ceiling equipment. If you are interested in contributing to Dan's ceiling lift fund, please see "how to" instructions in the side panel.

Dan and friend, going in the back entrance of his dorm.

Correction: Dan & Emily's beds came from Joerns who bought out Sunrise Medical

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cubs game #2

This has been a busy week with classes and homework, and meetings with: a local nursing / PT agency, CU campus medical director, and EMT personal. Dan has also had the guys from his hall in each evening to help get him in bed and for them to get more familiar with the medical aspects of his life.

A few CU nursing students are helping out for a few hours each day, helping out with vitals, medical charting, keeping track and ordering meds and supplies, cleaning trachs and other equipment, physical therapy, etc.

Again we are thankful for "many hands", who sincerely love to help another fellow student. What a servant's heart they display, truly a tribute to them and their parents.

FYI - Dan has a slight cold, causing him to be suctioned multiple times each day for the past few days. More juice, fruit and vitamins are being consumed.

Dan, Garrett and I went to the Chicago Cubs - Cincinnati Reds game, in Cincinnati today. There were more CUBS fans [or so it seemed] than Reds fans, and the game was great, untill the bottom of the 9th. Cubs lost 3-4. :( Regardless, we still had a great time. Yes, that's Dan's flag from his dorm door. GO CUBS GO

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weekend with Dan

I (Debbie) was able to fly to Ohio this past weekend and loved getting to see Dan, especially after the scare last Wednesday. You know how most of us have a big celebration for the Fourth of July? Well, since Cedarville is the "birthplace of Labor Day," they have a big celebration for Labor Day. It took us awhile to grasp that concept, but Bill, Dan, and I drove down to Cincinnati on Sunday, enjoyed a fair-like atmosphere, and watched a spectacular fireworks display. Mike and Liz, Liz's family, and lots of Cedarville friends were there as well.

I am continually amazed at how many people still keep up with this blog. There is actually a whole new following because the parents of my new students, have a tender spot for Dan and delight in hearing about him and praying for him. I am in awe of their support and concern for me.

My class verse this year: "In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Let's make Christ our passion -- we'll be amazed at the understanding He gives us for all of life. That's where we want to live!