Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank You

I want to extend a much overdue thank you to those who gave donations for my exercise bike.
I have been using the exercise bike for almost 2 weeks now and it seems to be going well. I would not have the bike right now if not for the many people who were gracious enough to give money. The pike is designed to improve health and body function, but I want you all to know that both those are worthless without knowing Jesus Christ. He is the reason I would want to improve health or body function. I want to be healthy so I'm able to serve God more efficiently, and I would want improved body functioning to serve God more effectively. Without Christ, pursuing an ideal body is as vain as chasing the wind (Ecclesiastes).

Friday, July 9, 2010

July something or other...

It seems to always be an unusual hour late at night when I get around to posting something on "my blog." Let me start by addressing the faithful readers : grandma, I'm doing good right now. No, I'm kidding about that, but I am doing pretty good. My two summer classes are actually going to be finished in just over a week. They are summer classes so does that mean summer is over when they are? That can't be right, because it feels like summer is just getting underway.

The fourth came and went, but Mike and Liz made the trip to Chicago for the weekend and it was good to see them. We celebrated our 24th birthday with family, and some gifts that were a blast from the past.

btw, if you don't have a church you call home; find a Harvest Bible Chapel. A Haitian earthquake couldn't shake those four pillars. That was too soon, so I'm out for now.

\/ peace