Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Many things happen so slowly around here, then much happens in the blink of an eye.

Dan is home for a week of Thanksgiving break, and it is good to have him around here. We have been able to let Garrett off for a few days of much needed rest, and are quickly reminded of the care Dan needs on an hourly basis.

This was the first Thanksgiving in this home. And the final count was 15.(smallest Knudsen holiday on record!) Absent this year was Dan's cousin Cory, who went home to Heaven this past spring, after many years of battling Muscular Dystrophy. His quick whit and innocent smile were missed.

We had a quiet evening, but were awakened at 1 AM Friday, by Dan, who complained of a pounding headache. Within minutes, he was in the middle of his 2nd ever, Autonomic dysreflexia [AD] Episode. [For those who helped out with the first one in August, this was not as long lasting or intense.] Thus began a flurry of events including, a 911 call, nitro paste, 170+ BP, low oxygen level, holding up a non responsive son, ambulance ride, ER, informing Drs. and nurses of AD, and waiting. We got home about 5AM. and had a sleep-in day.

Dan's subra pubic was the probable cause, and it was replaced by the ER Dr. It was something a nurse was scheduled to do last week at CU, but the insurance cut all of Dan's nursing care, as he is considered "stable" and not in need of any skilled nursing care. Please pray with us that those denying this need, would reverse their decision and grant this crucial need in Dan's weekly care.

All seemed okay on Friday, except dizziness from a new med for his UTI, but at 1:30 AM, Dan woke us up again with the beginnings of a headache. This time we applied 2 applications of nitro paste, called his SCI dr., gave him a few extra meds, and put him in his chair, to keep him more upright. His BP dropped to under 130 and we breathed a slight sigh of relief. Dan slept in his chair the rest of the night.

We continue to search for answers, and fight for Dan's medical needs. We were glad this happened when Bill was around, but it's not a good event to see your child go through. It's definitely not good for Dan, or anything that he can control.

It's events like this that we realize our inability to control, or know everything there is to know about this complex injury. Continue to pray that doctors, medical people, care givers, insurance companies, IL & OH state aide agencies would be able to address and meet, Dan's physical care.

Bill, Deb * Dan

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Let It Snow .. Let It Snow .. Let It Snow .."

"Oh the weather at CU turned frightful"

Finally, the long awaited posting from Dan about his being back at Cedarville U. "now that the semester is a few weeks from being over ...

How's life at the ville? "It's been great being back at Cedarville, connecting with friends old and new. There are about 25 people, local nurses, students, and others, who help Garrett with my daily care. Not to mention the McKinney [dorm] girls who help out with my 3-4 loads of laundry each week. "

How many classes are you taking? "3: Christian Worldview Integration [classroom], US History II [online CU], and Managerial Accounting [online - community college]

How are they going? "Very good. It's been a lot of work, but being back and doing classes sort of make me feel somewhat back to normal"

How is it getting around campus? "not too bad as CU is intentionally wheel chair accessible. i put on about 2 miles a day, and charge my chair almost nightly. I am not looking forward to the cold weather. It takes more time to go anywhere outside"

How is the food at Chucks? "MEH" "It tastes like I never left" "i always eat breakfast in my room, and the dorm fridge is stocked with food, for when i can't get out.

How is dorm life? "CU has set up a "suite" for me to live in McChesney Hall. 2 bedrooms, a large handicap bathroom and direct outside access, for the nurses who help out daily." [Thank you again Class of '08]

If you want to ask a questions about life back at college, leave it below in the comments, and i will answer you. ~ Dan