Monday, November 17, 2008

"Let It Snow .. Let It Snow .. Let It Snow .."

"Oh the weather at CU turned frightful"

Finally, the long awaited posting from Dan about his being back at Cedarville U. "now that the semester is a few weeks from being over ...

How's life at the ville? "It's been great being back at Cedarville, connecting with friends old and new. There are about 25 people, local nurses, students, and others, who help Garrett with my daily care. Not to mention the McKinney [dorm] girls who help out with my 3-4 loads of laundry each week. "

How many classes are you taking? "3: Christian Worldview Integration [classroom], US History II [online CU], and Managerial Accounting [online - community college]

How are they going? "Very good. It's been a lot of work, but being back and doing classes sort of make me feel somewhat back to normal"

How is it getting around campus? "not too bad as CU is intentionally wheel chair accessible. i put on about 2 miles a day, and charge my chair almost nightly. I am not looking forward to the cold weather. It takes more time to go anywhere outside"

How is the food at Chucks? "MEH" "It tastes like I never left" "i always eat breakfast in my room, and the dorm fridge is stocked with food, for when i can't get out.

How is dorm life? "CU has set up a "suite" for me to live in McChesney Hall. 2 bedrooms, a large handicap bathroom and direct outside access, for the nurses who help out daily." [Thank you again Class of '08]

If you want to ask a questions about life back at college, leave it below in the comments, and i will answer you. ~ Dan


Anonymous said...

Love you Dan!!

Anonymous said...

Bout time you wrote, Dan!!!
Ok, you said we could ask questions.
1] classes are good but it has been allot of work-how are your grades?
2] Is chapel mandatory for you?
3]What extraciricular stuff are you involved in?
4]how is your health doing as far as maintaining or improving what was accomplished at KKI?
5]is it easier to do the online classes or do you enjoy the classroom class better?
6]are you and Garrett getting on each others nerves like allot of roommies or is all good?
Dan, I better give someone else a chance to ask questions.
we continue to pray for you, Garrett, the school and your parents/family.

Mamá to the best 3 said...

yay for posting - can't wait to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

SNOW!!! Since living in Mexico, we don't really get that. We're up here in the States right now, though. And we got a little too! I hope you enjoy all of it that you get. love you, dan! i'll be praying. It is sweet to hear from YOU.