Monday, September 20, 2010

Jeremy Mohr

Pray for Jeremy Mohr and his family. It is my understanding that Jeremy has suffered a significant spinal cord injury similar to one I have. Jeremy goes to Grace College. We know that the Lord is never inactive in the lives of His children, but believe me that sometimes circumstances do not appear as if God is in control. Maybe someone reading this knows the Mohr family. I certainly pray that Jeremy will come out of this in the best physical condition possible. It's time to be sensitive and reassuring that there are those who love the Mohr family and will be there to support them. And most important is that God loves the Mohrs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was listening to the Beatles and quickly become angered by the thought of what has been done in the name of Christianity. Did you know “Christians” protested the Beatles when they came off the plane from England? Everyone by now has also heard of the pastor in Florida who was going to burn Qur’ans in the name of “Christianity.” The pastor reasoned the Bible says to love our enemies, but that doesn't apply here because we are at war. Loving enemies doesn't apply in certain situations? Christians should be at war with the physical world? Where are those taught in the Bible? If you're having trouble finding them, it's because they are not in the Bible. The name of Christ has no business being slandered by his supposed followers protesting the Beatles, burning Qur’ans, or picketing abortion clinics for that matter. Our fight as Christians is not against the world; it is for the world. The Lord needs workers to send out into the harvest, Luke 10:2. Jesus commanded us to be in the world. Just as the Father sent Jesus into the world so Jesus has sent us into the world John 17:18. We're not to love the world as 1 John said, but the Bible does not call for a total separation. Nowhere are we taught to draw lines in the sand and say, “world, come over to us.” You want to know the types of people who are attracted to Christianity by such stunts as protests and burnings? The already hardened self-righteous “Christians” who look an awful lot like the New Testament Pharisees…

The world will know us by our love not hate.