Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dan's Freshman Photo - August '04

Hello to all of Dan's care givers, and helpers in Cedarville, OH area. We
are sure, that we missed some of your email addresses, to invite you to this farewell event for Dan Knudsen.

All of his family, would sure like to meet you, and personally THANK YOU for all of your help during these past 2 years.


Dan Knudsen is graduating from Cedarville University this May, and we would like to extend to you a big 'THANKS' for having a hand in making Dan's Cedarville graduation, a reality.

Stop in and say hello to Dan, and his family,

Friday, April 30th, 6-8 pm

Center for Biblical and Theological Studies [BTS] - Room 116.

Refreshments & snacks will be served.

Please feel free to bring along family members, or other students, whom have helped in Dan's care.

Dan Knudsen & his family

Notes of encouragement and farewell wishes, can be sent to: checkinondan@gmail.com
Keep up to date with Dan @ http://checkinondan.blogspot.com/

The dream of Dan's exercise cycle equipment. is finally becoming a reality. http://www.giveforward.org/knudsen/

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom Again

Dan is much too busy right now finishing up his last semester to post, but that works out for us to share something special with you. Last summer a dear friend who regularly came to help Dan heard about Dan's need for specialized exercise equipment and donated a very generous amount to get started saving for it. We didn't know where to begin with fundraising, but the Lord supplied a parent from one of my last year's students to get the ball rolling. She communicated with a parent of one of my current students, and they set up this fantastic website to help us. You have to click on this link to find out more: https://www.giveforward.org/knudsen/
Mark did a very impressive job of writing a brief summary of Dan's accident and equipment need.
Once again we are "jaw-dropping" at the generosity of so many.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mom Sneaks In For a Quick Word!

I have been meaning to write for months! I had read through all the earlier posts and was once again in awe of our amazing God's protection and provision. When I read the posts, it felt heavier to me than when we actually went through it. Your prayers carried us through those early days. Thank you. Remember when Dan couldn't sleep or eat and had unbearable pain? Remember the ventilator and tubes? As far as I'm concerned, best invention ever: the diaphragm pacer!

Can you believe Dan made it back to college and will graduate in 3 weeks? We are so excited!

Dan is doing incredibly well. The best physically, spiritually, emotionally since his accident. Our family can't say thank you enough to all those who care for Dan while he is at Cedarville.

Don't you love Dan updating this site with what he's doing and thoughtful insight instead of us just giving medical updates?!! I sure do! God has great plans for him.

Thanks for sticking with us when there was no update for many weeks!
We sure love you all!

The first scripture the Lord gave me in March of 2007 was II Chronicles 20:12 "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You." God is our ever-present help in time of need. Just look to Him!