Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom Again

Dan is much too busy right now finishing up his last semester to post, but that works out for us to share something special with you. Last summer a dear friend who regularly came to help Dan heard about Dan's need for specialized exercise equipment and donated a very generous amount to get started saving for it. We didn't know where to begin with fundraising, but the Lord supplied a parent from one of my last year's students to get the ball rolling. She communicated with a parent of one of my current students, and they set up this fantastic website to help us. You have to click on this link to find out more:
Mark did a very impressive job of writing a brief summary of Dan's accident and equipment need.
Once again we are "jaw-dropping" at the generosity of so many.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, debbie, for posting. will check this site out.
what is dan doing over the summer?
i met the wife of a guy who is a quad and has been for like 30 years. he works for a w/c company here in columbus. bobby is there number one sales rep. he has been married to this wonderful lady who he met way after the accident, for several years. they are christians!! what an inspiration to many!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Puebla camp. I'm praying for you Dan. I don't know what to say. I want to encourage you. Be encouraged by my prayers, please. and. . . CONGRATULATIONS on graduating college!