Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad, to all of our CheckInOnDan friends. We trust you are enjoying time with your families and all the festivities of the Christmas Season.

We ask you to be in prayer for a few pressing issues:
1. Dan to continue to have a consistent blood pressure.
2. State of IL, funding/approval for Dan's personal assistant, Garrett.
3. State of OH, to be expedient in approving care for Dan.
(Dan currently has NO support, medical care, etc, from either state)

Dan had an article in the Cedarville University, Alumni Inspire Magazine, His article is on page 16. Enjoy

PS - If you are not able to open this link, email us, for a PDF copy of Dan's article.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Help

Dan is done with his first semester, post accident. He has hopefully passed all 9 of his credit hours. That being said, Dan could use help, here at home, to replace the 25+ people who help him at school. His care assistant, Garrett, will be gone for a 2 week vacation with his family, for a much deserved rest. Very few people know of intensity in taking care of a person with a high level of injury, such as Dan has. Garrett does, and Dan could not have completed this semester with out him. Thanks Garrett. It's been wild at times ;D

This request for help, is mainly for those who live in the Elgin, Fox Valley area. Below are the areas of help that we could use. Most of these items would only take 1-2 hours of your time. It could be just one time, or weekly. ONLY respond to IF you are able to help.

We ARE looking for regular help when Dan is at home, for now and the future. This is a paid position.

Thanks as always for your prayers & love,

Bill, Debbie & Dan Knudsen

1. Lunch, your left overs, our lunch food, or purchased [feeding Dan is not necessary, but very helpful]
2. Dinner [preparation only]
3. Range of Motion - Exercising Dan's arms and legs [no experience required - Dan will explain as you go]
4. e-Stim [exercising with electric stimulus device] its easier than it sounds.
5. Getting up in the AM - 1.5 to 2 hours
6. Helping into bed in the PM - .5 to 1 hour
7. Visiting or Hanging out with Dan while Bill & Deb get away to do some shopping.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finals Week

Where has the time gone since Thanksgiving?

4 sleepless nights, 4 days in the hospital, Doctors who tested & monitored, poked and prodded, many consulting with specialists, etc, 3 days recovery at home, and all the while, loads of studying by Dan for his Finals. [pray that he remembers all that he has studied]

Since all systems seem "GO" Dan, Garrett and Bill headed back to CU on Sunday. [Eating pizza most likely right now] Dan has a final exam to complete this Monday, and then say his good-byes for this semester. It's hard to believe that the semester is already over. Lots of major changes and adjustments for Dan, CU staff, professors and Deans, Garrett, OPE guys, dorm buddies, nursing students, physical therapists, etc. It has taken "many hands (to) make light work" as Dan's Grandma K. would say.

Oh Yes, you want to know ALL of Dan's medical issues? [what about those HIPPA laws?] His high blood pressure and AD episode were from the usual irritating issues, except his toes, which got a very clean bill of health. His bladder, surbra pubic continue to be an irritant, so a new med was prescribed.

Why did all of this happen at this time? Only God knows. We are thankful to Dan's SCI Dr. Khim Yin. We had access to her at 2am, to talk us through unstable moments, saw Dan at the hospital daily, with many other phone updates, and orchastrated all of Dan's care, tests, with the 5 other specialists. Spinal Cord injuries are different from person to person, and so we continue to learn for the future.

We continue to give Dan to God, knowing that he is still with us "for His purpose".
Thanks for your continues prayers, even when "all seems okay".

Monday, December 1, 2008

hospital visit

After 4 restless nights, Dan checked into our local hospital today. EVERYTHING is being checked by his SCI doctor, urologist, podiatrist, cardiologist, and internal doctor. He should be back at CU this week for final projects and exams.
we will keep you posted.