Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finals Week

Where has the time gone since Thanksgiving?

4 sleepless nights, 4 days in the hospital, Doctors who tested & monitored, poked and prodded, many consulting with specialists, etc, 3 days recovery at home, and all the while, loads of studying by Dan for his Finals. [pray that he remembers all that he has studied]

Since all systems seem "GO" Dan, Garrett and Bill headed back to CU on Sunday. [Eating pizza most likely right now] Dan has a final exam to complete this Monday, and then say his good-byes for this semester. It's hard to believe that the semester is already over. Lots of major changes and adjustments for Dan, CU staff, professors and Deans, Garrett, OPE guys, dorm buddies, nursing students, physical therapists, etc. It has taken "many hands (to) make light work" as Dan's Grandma K. would say.

Oh Yes, you want to know ALL of Dan's medical issues? [what about those HIPPA laws?] His high blood pressure and AD episode were from the usual irritating issues, except his toes, which got a very clean bill of health. His bladder, surbra pubic continue to be an irritant, so a new med was prescribed.

Why did all of this happen at this time? Only God knows. We are thankful to Dan's SCI Dr. Khim Yin. We had access to her at 2am, to talk us through unstable moments, saw Dan at the hospital daily, with many other phone updates, and orchastrated all of Dan's care, tests, with the 5 other specialists. Spinal Cord injuries are different from person to person, and so we continue to learn for the future.

We continue to give Dan to God, knowing that he is still with us "for His purpose".
Thanks for your continues prayers, even when "all seems okay".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your updates. I check them daily and continue to pray for you all. ckh

Anonymous said...

I,too,appreciate the updates. my computer is down so using my husbands lap top. like two pray for specifIcs when i can.
let us know how finals went!!!CONNIE

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Finals will be over soon and then CHRISTMAS! Hope these couple of weeks go smoothly and you can focus on studying and reviewing.


Alison C. said...

Hello from the clodfelters-

We continue to pray for you. I was wondering if you could send your address to my email I didnt write it down last year for some reason.

God Bless,
James and Alison