Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet The Guys

It time to meet the core guys that help Dan.

All of them are full time students at Cedarville. All are OPE guys. All have arranged their class schedules to clear 1 or 2 days each week to help out Dan. They also cover Saturdays and Sundays every 4 weeks. All of them were involved with Dan's care [usually an overnight guy] last year. Pretty AMAZING group, you must agree.

Listed below is the following information - Name, Hometown, Year in college, Degree, Something about themselves. A comment from me, Bill.

Ben Roose - Tustin, MI - Senior, Biology [headed to medical school]
"I'm #2 in a set of twins, like Dan." [It's a twin thing.]

Ben comes from a home where both parents are doctors, was home schooled, excels in anything he thinks about, looks at, or touches. Ben is invaluable with his astute medical logic, and seems to be the "go to guy " for many medical issues with Dan. AND is excelling in his culinary skills.

Brad Colas - Vestal, NY - Senior, Criminal Justice,
"I enjoy watching Shark Week"

Brad, a "Just the facts" kind of guy, has great organizational skills and was instrumental with Dan's complex care schedule. Brad is the Cheif Justice for the CU student court. He is also a Cedarville EMT, never turns down food, and has an energetic spirit.

Dale - Education,
"My passion is to teach others in this world."

Dale will definitely make teahing come alive, as he has just started his student teaching. Shy at first meet, but full of intriguing stories.

Kyle Lowry - Allegan, MI - Senior, Psychology
"I enjoy hiking, spending time outdoors, you know ... manly stuff."

Kyle goes way back to Dan's Lawler dorm days. He is a true faithful friend, has a heart of compassion and quiet spirit. He has stepped in for Dale, who is now student teaching.

Uphold all of these great guys in your prayers when you think of or CheckinonDan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CU Fall '09

Well, Dan's senior year at Cedarville, has started off with a whirlwind of activity.

Bill here -- cannot believe that I have been here for 2 weeks already. The first week was filled with OH Care Program for the nurses and the care guys, then training with the 5 primary care guys that are staying with Dan 1 -2 days per week, and alternating the weekends.

The start of the school year holds meetings galore with profs, special needs departments, and academics, etc. It was suggested that Dan do a "helps" table in the student center, so an email including the previous blog post went out to the entire faculty, staff and student body. To date, this has generated an additional 45 responses, making it a total of 66 students who are helping Dan. They were put into the categories of Care Guys, Nurses, Academics/Hang Out, Food, PT & eStim, Laundry/Cleaning and the Overnight Guys.

Thanks to the students who have volunteered and are giving generously of their time.

Special thanks to Barb, mom of CU student Emily, who has been invaluable to all of us. Holding classes for the many new PA's of Dan and Emily. Things like how to fill out forms, what supporting documents to submit , getting binder/log books in order to chart your day's care, 29 pages of documents, first aid tests, background checks, etc. and the list goes on and on. I could NOT have done all this time consuming work by myself, let alone for 5 of Dan's primary care guys and nurses. She has a well oiled system in place, and we are learning each day from her experience. THANK YOU BARB!!

Dan has had a few good weeks, getting acquainted with old friends and new ones. He was having high blood pressure issues and is currently tracking his sodium level as a possible cause. His studies are progressing well, both in classroom and online.

I am having difficulties uploading photos from my phone/camera. Stay tuned.