Sunday, November 25, 2007

Special Thank-Yous

We know that many people have given anonymously. Thank you 1000 times over. Financial is only one way of helping Dan, and we don't think about or keep track of who helps in that way. Everyone helps as they are able to, in any way they choose. Some organizations are not able to do this anonymously, and we understand both ways of giving. THAT BEING SAID . . .

Thanks to the Tri-Cities Mothers of Twins & Triplets Club [TCMOTTC]. YES, Debbie was a member when Mike & Dan were young. All mothers of twins need everything in their arsenals [support groups] to deal with twins. They heard about Dan's situation, and generously donated a portion of the fall 2007 sale to Dan's needs. BIG Thank you TCMOTTC moms , with fond memories of past ... ahh ... 20+ years ago.
[Anyone with 4 kids under 4 yrs. old like us? LOL]

Thank you to students, teachers, staff & parents of Puebla Christian School, Puebla, Mexico, who dug deep and raised a few thousand dollars by eating PB&J sandwiches and giving their hot lunch money, hosting a hot dog day, a movie night, and a soccer game event, etc. Dare I say that many are MK's with limited funds.
Many of these students were at the camp where Dan aka "Captain Scratch" was injured this past March. He touched many of their lives before and still today after his accident. Thanks to school administrator Joe Blakley (CU '02 and OPE brother) for heading this up.
PCS students, please know that we still have the Mexican flag hanging in Dan's room. It is a constant reminder of our special "south of the border" friends. Separated by distance, but close by love. We see on your website that you also have financial needs. May God multiply your gifts of love to Dan over and over again.

Most of the money that has come in recently is being put aside in a special fund to make the new home handicap accessible. Infrared controlled lighting, shades [his room only], ventilator alarms and lights, door openers, that can be controlled by a Environmental Control Unit [ECU] on Dan's power chair. Additional modifications are a bathroom with a roll-in shower, a sink in Dan's room, wood floors for better wheelchair mobility, 2-way voice monitors, ventilator alarms, ramps outside the house, and the list goes on.

On one of those tough nights recently, Dan lamented that he just want to "use his hands". He sees them just lying at his side, says they are "flat and funny looking". How do you respond to that?
While only a break-through in regeneration of the spinal cord nerves would allow Dan to use his hands once more, it is important to give him as much "hand" usage via current technology, thus allowing him to do normal things on his own. We continue to understand that SCI injuries are more about mental challenges than the physical.

Thanks for your prayers, and your help in whatever form it comes to us.
YOU overwhelm us more than you can ever know.
God Bless !!!

Thanksgiving Weekend

We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. It was especially good to have Mike in for a couple of days. (We were introduced to "Guitar Hero"!) Our weekend was very relaxing, which was much needed!

< Mike, Adam, Jordan & Dan

We continually run into someone who lets us know that they faithfully check this site each day. Thank you for your support for our family. We are thankful for all of you.

Megan, Rachel, Emma & Kristi

Thank you to Dan's friends who spent time with him this weekend. Thank you for caring and for praying for us. Dan is going through a hard time right now and needs you more than ever.

We're glad our God is bigger than our biggest struggle. Keep him, keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

8th month recap

where did last week go? where did the past 8 months go?

We were on a roll. Dan was up using his power chair, on his computer and working on pacing while in the chair [a bit more difficult]. He was scheduled to see 2 new doctors, a Urologist, and a Pulmonologist, and also had some minor surgery for an SUPRAPUBIC CATHETER on Thursday. [I'll let you parents explain that one]

BUT ...
Nothing is minor around here. Surgery went long, recovery longer, we took him home, but he should have stayed the night at the hospital. Thus, Dan has been feeling lousy and out of commission since last Thursday. There have been a few other related complications too, so the Pulmonologist is rescheduled for this Friday.

keep hearing from doctors and quad people that we meet that the first year is the hardest. Dan seems to be experiencing all of that "hard year" right now. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some European countries would keep a patient with a severe injury like Dan in the hospitals and rehabilitation clinics for a full year until all of these issues are worked out. Not a bad idea in our book. It just hits all at once, all the time.

We know there is a "commencement" of sorts, where most of these doctors, surgeries, sores, severe headaches, general discomfort, lack of appetite, listlessness, drastic swings in body temperatures [97.1 to 102.6 in a few hours] will be past Dan and us. Bring it on, sooner than later.

to those who continue to help Dan with meals, feeding & exercising him, general care for Dan, cards, emails, comments, house cleaning, financially, phone calls that show you care ["are you okay? haven't seen a blog since last week"], AND prayers. We know that Dan is on your minds more that we will ever know. Thanks for letting us share, but more importantly for how you have held us up and loved us day to day these past 8 months.

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Monday, November 5, 2007

Doctor Week

Dan continues to make the round to new doctors that might be needed in the future for his care. Monday was a visit to his Urologist, and Friday he will see a Pulmonologist. Ventilator and lung issues, including pneumonia, can be life-threatening to quads.

Monday's visit has led to a second visit this Thursday, which includes a minor outpatient surgery to clear up an infection.

We are thankful for the expertise of these doctors as some medical issues leave us feeling a bit inadequate.

After a few weeks of great pacing, Dan's title volume has been lack-luster this past week, staying at 500 or lower. 2 steps forward 5 backward. Back to the drawing boards with his diaphragm pacing doctor.

Thanks to 2 nurses who have been helping us on a regular basis and the prospect of a few more. Their weekly care and help with Dan's ongoing issues is invaluable to Dan's long well-being.

Thanks to you who keep Dan and us in our prayers. All of us, Dan included, have had a few weeks of up and down emotions with regards to his future plans, health and care.

A photo from our weekly Thursday TV nights .... "The Office".

Some younger ones only come for the snacks from grandpa.

Can you identify that OPE guy in the background?
Mark Hershey is right. Now attending Trinity Inter and a frequent guest.