Sunday, November 25, 2007

Special Thank-Yous

We know that many people have given anonymously. Thank you 1000 times over. Financial is only one way of helping Dan, and we don't think about or keep track of who helps in that way. Everyone helps as they are able to, in any way they choose. Some organizations are not able to do this anonymously, and we understand both ways of giving. THAT BEING SAID . . .

Thanks to the Tri-Cities Mothers of Twins & Triplets Club [TCMOTTC]. YES, Debbie was a member when Mike & Dan were young. All mothers of twins need everything in their arsenals [support groups] to deal with twins. They heard about Dan's situation, and generously donated a portion of the fall 2007 sale to Dan's needs. BIG Thank you TCMOTTC moms , with fond memories of past ... ahh ... 20+ years ago.
[Anyone with 4 kids under 4 yrs. old like us? LOL]

Thank you to students, teachers, staff & parents of Puebla Christian School, Puebla, Mexico, who dug deep and raised a few thousand dollars by eating PB&J sandwiches and giving their hot lunch money, hosting a hot dog day, a movie night, and a soccer game event, etc. Dare I say that many are MK's with limited funds.
Many of these students were at the camp where Dan aka "Captain Scratch" was injured this past March. He touched many of their lives before and still today after his accident. Thanks to school administrator Joe Blakley (CU '02 and OPE brother) for heading this up.
PCS students, please know that we still have the Mexican flag hanging in Dan's room. It is a constant reminder of our special "south of the border" friends. Separated by distance, but close by love. We see on your website that you also have financial needs. May God multiply your gifts of love to Dan over and over again.

Most of the money that has come in recently is being put aside in a special fund to make the new home handicap accessible. Infrared controlled lighting, shades [his room only], ventilator alarms and lights, door openers, that can be controlled by a Environmental Control Unit [ECU] on Dan's power chair. Additional modifications are a bathroom with a roll-in shower, a sink in Dan's room, wood floors for better wheelchair mobility, 2-way voice monitors, ventilator alarms, ramps outside the house, and the list goes on.

On one of those tough nights recently, Dan lamented that he just want to "use his hands". He sees them just lying at his side, says they are "flat and funny looking". How do you respond to that?
While only a break-through in regeneration of the spinal cord nerves would allow Dan to use his hands once more, it is important to give him as much "hand" usage via current technology, thus allowing him to do normal things on his own. We continue to understand that SCI injuries are more about mental challenges than the physical.

Thanks for your prayers, and your help in whatever form it comes to us.
YOU overwhelm us more than you can ever know.
God Bless !!!


Anonymous said...

Scratch -

I don't know if you remember my favorite movie or not...but it's Cool Runnings. Everytime I watch it I get chills at the end when Derise looks up after the unexpected just happened and says..."we must finish the race". It reminds me of heaven where if we continue to fight each day for the Lord and strive to reach the goal that is before us, we will one day gather with all nations in praise to our good Father. I love you brother...and I continually pray for you and your spirit being strengthened and encouraged by the New mercies that come every morning, just enough for each day.

I think of you often,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and family,

Just wanted you to know you are in our prayers and we continue to pray for a miracle for Dan. God is in control and He performs miracles daily....among many types...they can be spiritual, mental, and physical. Keep looking up and thanks for keeping us up to date! The Basiles in Puebla

Anonymous said...

I read the blog once again with tears in my eyes at Dan's lamenting over his hands. I once again put myself in your places as we have a healthy son around your age. I can only imagine,(but not really,)what it would be if it were us. God only gives what we can handle, as God must think you to be very strong even though at times I am sure you do not feel strong. Christmas time may especially be hard but God has given you life. He sent His son so we can have life eternal with a perfect body to sing and dance in His time! For now, sing and dance for joy in your heart. At this Christmas season, "Speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father." Ephesians 5:19-20

With thoughts of you and another prayer.
Seattle, Washington

Anonymous said...

Hello Knudsens!! I graduated from Cedarville in May but I don't know Dan or Mike at all. I only know of the situation. I just wanted you to know that I think of you guys often and pray for you. How do you like that? People you don't even know are praying for you. It just must be so unbelievable, even these many months later. Just know you're thought of, loved, and prayed for from far away.

ethan said...

Just thought I would write a post and show some love from the clan down south. It was good to talk to A. Mary Kay and others who gave us updates about you and other stuff during turkey day at the Bennetts. Talking to them made me realize how much the physical distance of our families really sucks.
Again just wanted to show some love and let you know that I and the fam-jam think about you pretty much every day.

Don't eat yellow snow,
Ethan and The Harrisons

Amanda Martin said...

This video may not be totally appropriate for how the feelings of Dan and the whole Knusden family are at this time, but this father-son team has inspired me for years. I pray that it would bless you too. God is SO big and He holds your family in the palm of His hand. He is not unfamiliar with your feelings and situations, but rather God is INTIMATE with those who love Him. You are NOT alone.

All for Jesus,