Monday, December 3, 2007

Giving Dan a Lift

We have needed a lift for Dan since . . . August. A friend of ours, Emily at Silverfox Limo, had a connection with a health care facility, and thought they might be able to help obtain a used lift for Dan.

Well, as blessings do come in many forms, Inspiration Ministries of Walworth, WI came to the rescue and gave Dan, yes, GAVE as in FREE, an Invacare 450 Battery-Powered Hydraulic Lift.
anks to the Schnake's, who help manage the facility, for hearing about and helping get us this much needed piece of equipment. Two of their children are graduates of CU . . . there always seems to be a Cedarville U. connection. :)
As with most used things, there was a bit of tweeking in the past months. The battery needed replacing [which was found and ordered] and the lift sling did not work properly. When lifted, Dan's body folded in half and he slid right out of the sling.
A few weeks later we were at the RIC and took a look at and tried almost every type of available slings. Bingo! We found one, ordered it [no waiting here for Medicare or insurance, to help save our backs] AND it's all working great.

Previously Bill was the only one who could get Dan out of bed, but now Deb, family, nurses and friends are able to use the lift. What a great blessing we wanted to pass on to all of you.

Thanks Inspiration Ministries, Schnake's, & Emily. [Jane too.]


Jane-Jane said...

surly it must be a different Jane, because all I have been able to do from here is pray....

You just gave me a GREAT!!!! idea. I have a friend that sells to hospitals/medical facilities. I don't know all that is in her companies line.....BUT, she deals with medical facilities AND she is a very GIVING follower of Christ. I am contacting her TODAY to see if she ever runs into situations that they can donate equipment to families like yours!!!

As we talk and share, we are educating and encouraging others... making a difference in the lives of many and in God's Kingdom ultimately!!! WOOO HOOOO

Great to hear from you guys.

Still praying in SC...

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! I'm sooo glad Daddy Knudsen's back can be spared from a lot of that lifting. Believe me, my family and I know what that's like. Praise God!
Bonnie <><

John said...

wow. that is amazing how the Lord used the Schnake's and Inspiration Ministries...

we're still praying for you...