Friday, December 7, 2007

Cleveland quick visit

Dan, Dad and Aunt Mary Kay are in Cleveland right now at University Hospitals Case Medical Center. This for a 4 month checkup with Dr. Ray Onders of Synapse Biomedical aka "superman's pacer doctor".

Dan is getting a few of his pacer wires "re-routed" and Dad gets to assist this time. ["scalpel please, nurse Bill"] This procedure is with local anesthetics and we expect to be back on the road tonight back to Chicago.

The trip here was really uneventful, with none of the suctioning or emergency stops like the 1st trip in August.

Sometimes you have to look at where you have been to see that life is better in the present.


Dan went for some blood work
[when at a medical facility, take advantage of all that is there],
then we went down to the cafeteria and ate dinner at the hospital,
rather than trying to do a restaurant. Got back at 1 am.
Thank you to Aunt Mary Kay, for her help with the driving.
No pain or complications with Dan.
Thanks for your prayers.


Mamá to the best 2 said...

so glad to hear of the uneventful trip -- that's the way we like 'em :)

Jane-Jane said...

looking back is a good thing. Like you said, it helps you to realize where you have been!

Be careful driving...hear there's snow up there in those there parts! Burrrrrr!

University Hospitals has been getting alot of my prayers dad had his back surgery there in Nov, and my cousin is having surgery there on the 13th of Dec.... Prayers to all the staff there!

Have a restful weekend!

Praying Jane in SC

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and family,

Thanks for the update. We trust you are back home by now. Thanks for your comment,"Sometimes you have to look at where you have been to see that life is better in the present." The great thing is Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is faithful and unchanging! Keep looking UP! The Basile Family

Your big sister said...

And Dan, you were ok with your father assisting in "operating" on you?? :-D
Glad you had a good trip - see you in 18 days!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan!
don't think you remember me but I'm from the Puebla Camp=) I'm praying for you and I'm sure you are going to get better soon! Love you!


Grace L.