Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas !!!

"Merry Christmas to all of our "checkinondan" family
both near and far!!!"

From [l-r] Mike, Debbie & Gabri, Dan, Bill & Addy, Emily, Matt [Jen & Jeff too!]

Sorry about the comments not posting.
[Bill shouldn't touch the settings anymore]
Dan will have medical updates later this week.


Papá to the best 2 said...

Merry Christmas!

beth said...

Shame on you Bill!!! You guys look great!

Michael said...

Merry Christmas Knudsons!!!

Blessings from Mexico City...Dan, I miss you alot and love you so much!!! Your obedient attitude and spirit to Jesus Christ is INSPIRATIONAL to me and makes me thank the Lord so much for our glorious walk in His glory.

Dan, let your spirit fly like an eagle, high and FREE with the love of JESUS!!! Amen Brother!!! I hope one day soon I can come visit you (next time I will be in Chicago COUNT on me coming and seeing you!!)

I love you so much Dan! Love Jesus with your life and soul!

"Blessed are those who are pure at heart, for they WILL SEE GOD."

Dan, God has such a marvelous plan for your life, and he desires you to love him and be grateful for the love he has given US.

Your buddy down in Mexico, Michael Crino

You will always be my CAPTAIN SCRATCH!

David, Christy, Hannah and Jacob said...

are you guys still writing on this blog or have you changed sites? We check in on Dan every once in a while and would like to know what's happening. My sister was an IMB Journeyman in Mexico when Dan's accident happened. She was a teacher in Mexico City and some of her students were at the camp. That's how we "know" Dan!