Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2 0 0 8 ! ! !

We do know where '07 went, by just looking at the post listings,
which is not a bad way, to keep track of your family's life.

The past week has been filled with family gatherings,
visits from
friends "passing through" or friends home for Christmas break.

Thanks to OPE guys
Mark, Nate & Adam
who came over from MI

for a day visit.

Then there was the old high school gang,

Adam, Ben, Jordan, Issac,
Kristi, Megan, Rachael,
and a few others who have dropped by to "hang out."

Mike was here for a week, then went to Orlando for the Capital One Bowl . . . something to do with his Athletic training, and cheerleaders ??? Some guys get all the fun.

The newly married ones,
Jen & Jeff,
flew in for a few days for a Christmas
The hide-a-bed sofa was not too kind to their backs . . .
we'll have to make guest room in the new house.

Oh, I almost forgot the doctor visit last week. We saw a new spinal cord rehab doctor who is local and seems to be interested in Dan. We took Trish, our "pro-active" nurse, with us and a list of questions. Dan's calcium is still on the high side, but many options to lower it and keep it down were discussed, one being a tilt table, which will help Dan get in an upright position with weight
on his legs and lower body.
Dr. Yin will help with all the various aspects of Dan's condition. There is still Dan's inability to sit more upright. [as you see in most of his photos] It was suggested that he do a week's stay in a local hospital where his meds can be adjusted under the eyes of his doctors. We tried a new blood pressure raising medication the other week, and experienced a sudden drop in Dan's heart rate, down to 50 bpm. Trish was able to catch it and bring it back up to normal. Stay tuned.

What about the new house?
Have we not said anything about a house being built for us???

We do own a new hole in the ground . . . next post.

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5intow said...

Happy New Year! We keep praying right along with your posting. It was so good to see you all in church this past Sunday. Even though we didn't get to catch you in person, I wanted to let you know we are still here and lifting you all up in our prayers.

Jane-Jane said...

Thanks for all the updates.

Dan, your happy face with all the visitors is very positive! And no more heart rate drops man...you must have scared the daylights out of everyone! Sounds like your new doc is actively working for your health and well being! WOO HOO and Praise God for that! A good doctor that is fighting for you can make a HUGE difference in the quality of life for any of us.

Happy New Year to you and your family.



Sorry it has been so long to check in and see how things are going. I am looking forward to bringing the OPE gang up this weekend for our retreat - the plan is to spend Sunday morning with you. Did Mike let you know that? I think he is going to reserve a community room, or something like that....