Monday, January 14, 2008


Theta Rho Epsilon (OPE) pronounced "Opie"

Theta Rho Epsilon is a men's organization that seeks to develop character and friendships through social and service opportunities.
This weekend was the OPE annual retreat. Dan & Mike are a member of this CU organization. Their mission is "to encourage one another", and they were a special encouragement to Dan today.

After spending the weekend in Chicago, they made a trek all the way out to the burbs on Sunday. After holding a worship service in our condo community room, they enjoyed a tasty Chicago style lunch of Italian beef on toasted rolls, french fries, salad, and home baked desserts.

OPE guys, "Thanks for letting us serve you. You blessed Dan and us."

Another BIG note of praise. Dan has gone one week without using a ventilator. Not just while he is in bed, but in his chair, while using his computer, AND is keeping his cap [the purple thing on his on his trach] on about 50% of the time. This is especially difficult when eating. He is still not able to sit upright as he would like to, but his spinal cord doctor thinks she has a new medication to help with that low blood pressure issue. Thanks once again for your continued prayers.


Sweetness said...


WE LOVE YOU, brother.....the highlight of the weekend for me was to see you and your family and get to worship together with you. We are continuing to pray for you and with you.....

Nice pics on the site - if there are others, see if your dad can e-mail them to me.


B said...

It was great to see all of you this weekend. Thanks for the awesome meal and for the opportunity to fellowship with Dan. Dan, listening to you pray encouraged and challenged my heart. I love you brother

Brian Burns "B"

John said... daughter Megan (1st grader) reminded me that i was supposed to tell you this weekend that she has you in her prayer journal and tries to pray for you each day!

hope you have a nice day...