Tuesday, January 29, 2008

not so fast

Dan got home Tuesday noon, but because of elevated blood pressure issues, spasms, hot & cold temps and slight heart rate drops, he went [by ambulance] back to the hospital Tuesday evening.

Too many things to figure out, to post about right now. Keep Dan and Bill [fighting a cold/lack of sleep in the hospital] in your prayers. Wisdom for the doctors to know how to stabilize Dan.

We, Bill & Deb are a bit perplexed on why this is going on at this particular time. We are suppose to leave this weekend for a business conference, with time for much needed R & R. About 15 people, nurses, family & friends are lined up to provide care and food during our week long absence.

Not sure how to pray about that one Lord. [Please make it happen.]

Thanks for the checkinondan.

Well we are back home AGAIN, on Wednesday afternoon. Dan had a good stable day for the most part. There are a few high blood pressure readings going on late Wednesday night. Pray for consistency with his blood pressure forThursday & on. Thanks.


Jane-Jane said...

I'm praying!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you too. charlene

A Mom in Cedarville said...

Praying in the 'ville.


dear Debbie!as a mother myself i can not even fathom or begin to imagine all you have been and are going thru for your child. i would do the same. you are sooo very lucky that you have so many friends and family willing to help you out...i pray for any one going thru such trying times as yourself that does not have any help. i also pray that you (and Bill)stay strong and not become discouraged. God bless you! debra sirek, friend of the beautiful Mrs Pat Johnson