Saturday, January 19, 2008

CU Senior Class of 2008 - Class Gift

"For those of you who missed class chapel,
we announced our Senior Class Gift yesterday!
Our project is inspired by fellow classmate Dan Knudsen.

For those of you who don't know who Dan is, check out his blog at:"

Cedarville University 2008 Senior Class Project:

We're raising $25,000 to renovate a men's dorm room so that Dan, and students like Dan, can have the opportunity to attend Cedarville and live on our campus! So you might be thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of money!!?" and yes, you're right! It is! But, this is definitely an achievable goal and here's how we're going to do it!

How You Can Help:
1. $100!!!!! Every on campus senior is reimbursed their deposit,
($100) for their dorm room a few months after graduation. Over the next few months you will have the opportunity to donate your deposit to the Senior Class Gift. If only 250 seniors choose to give up their room deposit, we'll have earned the $25,000 needed! Please prayerfully consider opting to give your deposit towards the room!

2. T-Shirt Sales! The senior class will be selling t-shirts in the upcoming months! If you are creative and would like to help out with a design, we are having a contest! So email us your designs to this email account and your design could be the design that earns $$$ for the room!

3. Other Fund Raisers. When we begin selling shirts and other items, we'll need folks to volunteer to man the selling stations throughout the week! So please respond to this email if you're willing to help out in any way!

4. PRAY! Pray for the project. Pray for Dan. And pray for other future students that will be using the room!

We're extremely excited about this project and are very appreciative of
the support that you've already shown!

If you have any questions or creative ideas, feel free to let us know! Your '08 Class Officers


This is one of those "How long do I have to keep this quiet?" surprises. We received the letter above in December. WOW!!! We were speechless, overwhelmed, excited, thrilled, humbled, and yes, left in tears.

Brittany, Senior Class President, paid us a visit during the holidays to confirm and discuss this gift from the class of 2008, to honor one of their own classmates Dan Knudsen. Mike, Dan's twin, is also in the class of 2008.

Dan has every intention of returning to CU , hopefully fall '08, to finish his last year of college, and get his degree in Pre- Law.
This project is the first step towards accomplishing that goal.

"Thanks Class of 2008".

Bill, Deb, Brittany, Mike, Dan [pacing - no tubes]

Feel free to help directly-- Your gift is tax deductible if you ask.
Cedarville University
2008 Senior Class Project
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314


Your big sister said...

I was also left in tears when I read the letter. Jeff and I are so excited about this and especially about Dan going back to school! We can't wait to see what 2008 holds for our family!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan and Family!

We announced the Senior Class Gift on Friday and have gotten an amazing response so far! :)

Hope you've all had a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

WOW, way cool. I too was brought to tears, as I have been many times as I read your hearts on this hubby is a CU graduate and we continually follow your story, keeps me humble, thankful and on my knees for all of you. CU continues to be a place that truly MAGNIFIES CHRIST WITHIN....can't wait to see pic's of DAN in his new room (GOD WILLING)!!

Mike & MA Roberts (CU 89)

elj377 said...

WOW!! That's so awesome! I know that ABC a long time ago retro fitted spaces for a quadraplegic students who later became a prof there! Wouldn't it be awesome if Dan went back and taught at CU! Keep us posted on the fund raising process! Your in our prayers

beth said...

What a lovely hole in the ground you guys have:)
Dan, you look fantastic! I notice some head lifting too...are you building up those neck muscles???? I love your posts. Love you guys.

Beth Malarkey

charlene said...

Thank you for sharing this good news. Praising God with you as we pray for you!

Amanda Martin said...

How neat! I am super glad to hear that Dan is planning on going back to school-- I think that is WONDERFUL! :) Still think of you all often and am praying right now that you will continue to find yourselves being uplifted and grateful that all that the Lord is doing. He is able!


Mamá to the best 2 said...

nice count-up clock :D

E and K said...

That is so touching!

Jane-Jane said...

praise God!!! I know this room will be a blessing to so many... the ripple effect will be HUGE!!! Huge I tell you!!

hugs and prayers to all!
Jane in SC

Amber said...

Dad, even though I, too, won't graduate with the CU class of '08, like I had thought, I know God ordained the plans He had for us LONG ago!

Praying for you often and thankful to be able to class you a 'classmate', even if only for 4 months during my time at Cedarville. Stay strong in the Lord!