Saturday, January 26, 2008

Change of Scenery :o(

Following is the email we sent out last night to family:

Hi all, Dan is at St. Joseph hospital in Elgin for a few days. His calcium level is high and has not dropped, but he also has a UTI and trach infection [the dr. said 3 "things" were growing -- new to him] all which have caused severe spasms in the past few weeks. There is a new medication that his spinal cord Dr. wants to try out. Don't all come visit at once. We do hope to be home by Wednesday the latest.

Thanks for your prayers.

Bill & Deb

We have wanted Dan to have a hospital visit to monitor some things, but we didn't want him to go because of these severe infections. He was given medications via IV last night.

We'll keep you posted.

Dan has gone through the weekend with many doctors and specialists poking at him. We have seen a pulmonologist [3rd time is a charm] and was given a "very healthy heart" thumbs up.

He has had 4 days of antibiotics for the 4 or 5 infections that put him in the hospital. Blood work this morning showed that they were all negative.

A new anti spasm drug was started last night. Immediate results cause a drop in blood pressure to the low 80's, which was expected for the initial run, but he was still given an IV flush to bring the BP up to 110-120 range. He was monitored every half hour but all was okay. [Bill only heard half of the overnight interruptions].

Dan hopes to be home Tuesday ... nothing like your own bed.

Thanks for your prayers.

PS Hey how about 21 days of
Dan's pacing WITH his cap being on 60% of the time!! He is also trying to sit up and is at a 30 to 40 degree angle.


Anonymous said...

Keeping Dan in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Dan!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

we've been tracking and praying for dan's progress since last march. our daughter, kind of out of the blue, just prayed for dan tonight. we had no idea he'd gone into the hospital but she must have known in her heart... we'll keep you all in our prayers.

Amber said...

Praying for you, Dan!

beth said...

Do you guys have any clue how amazing you are doing for not even being a year post injury??? Let me give you just a few reminders....most with Dan's level of injury Do Not survive.
Most people on a vent go back and forth to the hospital ALOT!!!!!! the first year. Yes, Dan is coming off the vent>>>YEAH>> but he has been on it. God is working amazing things through His vessels. You guys are doing fantastic!!!!! p.s....I know some of the markers:)

Love you all,

Dan, you look better and cuter with every picture..sorry, I am a mom myself and I know cute boys:)

John said...

hope you get home soon! we are praying for you. by the way, we saw Mike at work last night...he is quite the salesman!
the wammers

A Mom in Cedarville said...

Yay for Dan's pacing record! Yay for his working on sitting up! Yay for no infections! Yay for a healthy heart! Praise to God!!!

Love the ticker on the web site. :)