Wednesday, December 12, 2007

roomie visit

A bit tired from the Cleveland fast trip, Dan got a surprise visit from his 06-07 dorm mate, OPE bro, Mexico missions trip and all around great guy Andrew, who was in IL for a post college job interview. [Remember those anxious days of "job search" after college? yikes]

It is always a treat for parents to hear their kids & college friends joke about all the "non-educational" events, that happen during the college years . . . AND they still manage to earn those diplomas. hmmm

Many seniors get side tracked during these last semesters of their college careers.Keep those '08 graduates that you know in your prayers.

Thank you to all Dan's peers, but especially the guys, who have visited him since his accident, Adam, Andrew, Bobby, Brian, Griffin, Jeremy, John, Jordan, Mark, to name a few. [I am forgetting a few... just add your name in the comments] You DO NOT know how Dan's spirits are uplifted when he can talk to his buddies. Thank You, Thank You.

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Your big sister said...

Yay for Andrew!! It's so fun to see the pictures of Dan with frinds!