Saturday, December 15, 2007

Caleb & calcium

l-r Caleb, Mark, Al, Reuben & James

A Holiday Thank You to Caleb, CU '03, OPE bro, and part-time Phys Ed teacher for Chicago International Academy, a ministry of Armitage Church in Chicago, for stopping by with his college men's group (Mark, Al, Reuben, James) to visit Dan this past week. The visit was greatly appreciated by Dan. The guys were encouraged by Dan's desire to get back to Cedarville and to continue on toward his law degree. Another tray of Rice Krispies Treats® should get them back here again. Thanks, and bring the guitar next time guys :)

Last Friday, late afternoon, Dan had blood work done in Cleveland because we thought his calcium levels were elevated. He had high calcium levels at the end of our RIC stay, and this is what was said back in the August post "preparing to go home".
  • he has had elevated calcium level from calcium loss out of of the bones; this problem is to be expected for a SCI person.
    • tests and two special flushing have been done with little results,
    • thus he had a 4 hour "infusion" of Pamipronate to stop the spill of calcium into his blood. - this is a serious procedure with the heart being monitored too.
High calcium levels, a condition related to Spinal Cord Injury [SCI] people, causes increased spasms [just a touch to his arm sets his entire body shaking] and a severe stomach ache after eating.

Dr. Onders called us early Saturday morning concerned with the results. Calcium was at 12.7 [high]. He wanted Dan to drink lots of fluids and ordered another complete series of blood work done. Monday, Trish, a nurse who has been helping out, and her sister Deb, were able to take another few vials blood at home, and we ran them over to the urgent care.

Waiting, Waiting, [keep drinking water, Dan] Waiting.

Wednesday Dan saw an internist doctor, Dr. Win, who got the blood results back from the lab. Calcium was down to 11.2 [8-10 is normal]. YES! He let us know that more body movement and "lots of fluids" can keep this in check, but we always need to watch for it to come back. There's always some issue going on around here with Dan's care. But that's okay.

Dan has needed to see an internal medicine doctor for sometime. We have been turned down by a few that were recommended, as SCI patients have LOADS of issues. Our SCI doctor has refused to fill some medications telling us "it's the nature of SCI injuries, I am not an internist, nothing more I can do for him".

Dr. Win came about because in doing research for a new SCI doctor, we came across his wife Dr. Yin, called for information, and her office recommended her husband. We have already benefited from this this husband/wife combination. We DO have a visit with Dr. Yin this next week.

We trust all of you are enjoying the holiday season. Despite many changes, we are grateful for life and the future hope in Christ.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dan--

We CU people are still praying for you, and we love you! Thanks to you and your family for hanging in there. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas...Thank you once again for sharing your life with us. I am humble each blog I read and reminded daily not to take anything for granted. Dan please trust me when I say you are touching lives and God is reach people because of your story. I believe in heaven people who have never meet you in person will coming looking for you tell you how your life brougnt them to Christ. Could he have found a different way...I quess but I also wonder why the cross...couldn't thier had been a different, less painful way. That is why I am not God...he knows best. Praying in Northern Ohio for you!

elj377 said...

Hey Dan...hope you are having a great December and that your calcium levels are good. We are praying for a good Christmas for all you Knudsen's send our love to your folks!

Love to all,
Dan and Erin Jonathan
Janea and Jaron

elj377 said...

Hey Dan and Fam!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! We are praying for low calcium levels for Dan! Love to all,

Erin and Dan and Kids

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I checked in on you with getting married and not having internet in our apart. but even through your bumps in the road it is good to hear that you are doing well and that you continue to look to the GOD of this universe for provision. I always get amazed when i think about the fact that the CREATOR of everything has a personal relationship with me. I know you have the same peace and joy that comes from that fact. I love you brother and will continue to pray for you!!!

Keep pressing on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know I am still praying. I am praying for God to give you exaclty what you need each day!

Merry Christmas,
In His Grace,
Bev, Keizer Oregon

A Mom in Cedarville said...

Just cuz nobody's commenting, doesn't mean nobody's checking in on Dan... :)

Anonymous said...

soooo, whats the follow-up to the internist visit???

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan!
I am a camper from Mexico. I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you (that's what everybody says don't they:) and I really wish I could meet you some day. I didn't really talk to you at camp, just because...I don't know? I have decided that I want to go to Ceaderville :). haha, I think that I am a little young to be thinking about that. I'm 12. Anyway, I really hope that I can talk to you again someday. Your Little Camper Friend,

P.S. I think you had Matthew Butler in you cabin? He is one of my friends and his sisters are really nice.

Anonymous said...

May you all have a truly blessed Christmas. You are loved.