Monday, November 5, 2007

Doctor Week

Dan continues to make the round to new doctors that might be needed in the future for his care. Monday was a visit to his Urologist, and Friday he will see a Pulmonologist. Ventilator and lung issues, including pneumonia, can be life-threatening to quads.

Monday's visit has led to a second visit this Thursday, which includes a minor outpatient surgery to clear up an infection.

We are thankful for the expertise of these doctors as some medical issues leave us feeling a bit inadequate.

After a few weeks of great pacing, Dan's title volume has been lack-luster this past week, staying at 500 or lower. 2 steps forward 5 backward. Back to the drawing boards with his diaphragm pacing doctor.

Thanks to 2 nurses who have been helping us on a regular basis and the prospect of a few more. Their weekly care and help with Dan's ongoing issues is invaluable to Dan's long well-being.

Thanks to you who keep Dan and us in our prayers. All of us, Dan included, have had a few weeks of up and down emotions with regards to his future plans, health and care.

A photo from our weekly Thursday TV nights .... "The Office".

Some younger ones only come for the snacks from grandpa.

Can you identify that OPE guy in the background?
Mark Hershey is right. Now attending Trinity Inter and a frequent guest.


The CyberParson said...

Hey, that's Mark Hershey in the background! He was at our house for a few hours this past Sunday! We continue to pray for Dan @ Grace Baptist, Cedarville.

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for Dan and your family in Portage, MI. ~Sherin

Aunt Sue said...

Karla is also a fan of The Office. I watch it w/ one eye, and walk away more then I sit through it. It it too weird, sometimes very funny, and others very sad to me. A friend who works in an office says they have a secret list of who is similar to people on TV show. The world is getting crazier by the minute.
Love and Prayers