Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank You

I want to extend a much overdue thank you to those who gave donations for my exercise bike.
I have been using the exercise bike for almost 2 weeks now and it seems to be going well. I would not have the bike right now if not for the many people who were gracious enough to give money. The pike is designed to improve health and body function, but I want you all to know that both those are worthless without knowing Jesus Christ. He is the reason I would want to improve health or body function. I want to be healthy so I'm able to serve God more efficiently, and I would want improved body functioning to serve God more effectively. Without Christ, pursuing an ideal body is as vain as chasing the wind (Ecclesiastes).


Anonymous said...

So well put Dan. I know God will use this bike to keep your body fit and useful His Glory. Praise the Lord for giving people the desire to help others.

Lsize said...

So glad you are able to have the bike. Any chance of a photo of you using the bike? What are your plans for future classes now that you are officially a Cedarville grad?

Anonymous said...

Love your words. And I just wanted to say, your loss of bodily function was planned by God. He works all things together for good. He has a plan for you in any condition. I am NOT saying I want you to stay in your wheel chair. But I am saying that God will use you any way and just remember to live every day for him. You can have such a great testimony. And I pray every day that you regain your strength. I believe you've helped me appreciate much that I can do, even though I didn't meet you at camp. I still live in Mexico and was at camp (the younger kids camp) when you were there.