Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cubs game #2

This has been a busy week with classes and homework, and meetings with: a local nursing / PT agency, CU campus medical director, and EMT personal. Dan has also had the guys from his hall in each evening to help get him in bed and for them to get more familiar with the medical aspects of his life.

A few CU nursing students are helping out for a few hours each day, helping out with vitals, medical charting, keeping track and ordering meds and supplies, cleaning trachs and other equipment, physical therapy, etc.

Again we are thankful for "many hands", who sincerely love to help another fellow student. What a servant's heart they display, truly a tribute to them and their parents.

FYI - Dan has a slight cold, causing him to be suctioned multiple times each day for the past few days. More juice, fruit and vitamins are being consumed.

Dan, Garrett and I went to the Chicago Cubs - Cincinnati Reds game, in Cincinnati today. There were more CUBS fans [or so it seemed] than Reds fans, and the game was great, untill the bottom of the 9th. Cubs lost 3-4. :( Regardless, we still had a great time. Yes, that's Dan's flag from his dorm door. GO CUBS GO


Anonymous said...

Dan you are looking great these days...even with a cold. I hope once your dad leaves we get updates on your blog about your adventures in Cedarville.

Mamá to the best 2 said...

glad you got in another game!

Anonymous said...

Please tell the students at CU many people are lifting them up in prayer and are proud of them even though we don't know them. It does speak volumes for the parents as well and even the school!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, I grew up a Cubbie fan but do not remember the symbol of that little bear I see on some of your clothing. Is this of recent years or have I lost my passion for the Cubs and do not remember????

Kati Carter said...

Phew! Good thing for you that Garrett's a Cubs fan. What would you do if he wasn't!?