Friday, September 14, 2007

1st after home Hospital visit

  1. Keep Dan in your prayers this afternoon as I am currently blogging from our local hospital. Dan started experiencing sharp pains in his foot and groin area. He has a urinary tract infection [UTI], and is running a slight temp of 101. He is on strong pain killers.
  2. Dan has been through a litany of tests, blood work, x-rays and a battery of what, when, where questions. His pain is somewhat lessened thanks to strong pain killers [drugs are bad], and he is catching up on sleep. He did have a double portion of the meat loaf & mashed potato lunch. His X-rays and other tests have returned with everything being okay. "Just a bad case of UTI"
    Someone asked "how can he have pain in his foot but yet not have any feeling below his neck??" There is that pain called "phantom pain", or Dan does say that he feels internal pains, like hunger in his stomach and spasms which can make his body shudder. Not sure why it is the groin and foot at the same time.
  3. Saturday PM - We are still at the hospital. Same pains, lots of antibiotics, constipation issues added to the mix and just trying everything to get all this cleared up. Still eating good. Thanks for your prayers as always.

We knew that a hospital visit would happen some day, and are still glad that we avoided the "1st week out of the RIC hospital visit" like many patients. Also pray that Dan gets released Saturday. All the family, Bill & Deb, Matt & Em, Jen & Jeff, Mike, Dan, Gabri & Addy too, will gathering from far and near, for the last time at our Old Kirk Rd home. We are out of there Oct 5th.
It will be the first time all 10 of us have been together.

Dan came home for a few hours, but was still not well, so we borrowed a van, and Bill and Dan's Aunt Mary Kay drove him late Sunday night to Northwestern Memorial Hosp. in Chicago. NMH has great medical resources and also know his medical history best.

He is still here as of Wednesday AM.

More tests, more pills, had the chills, then a fever, His blood work, x-rays and cultures were all taken and are being examined by a team of doctors, He saw his neurologist, his plastic surgeon and will hopefully meet with
the spinal cord injury doctor. His spasms have increased, due to the UT infection, He says his toe pain doesn't hurt when he sleeps, and requests more of his sleep meds. He has been sleeping much of the day time hours, and awakes every 1-2 hours for a drink of water. His eating is off but not stopped. The hospital vent seemed "different" to him, so we are using ours. That also requires us to be in his room most of the time.

On a good note,in the past week, Dan set a record of 4.5 hours on the pacer in one sitting, or should I say in bed.
Yes, there is always good during the dark times.


Lisa McGrady said...

I "checked in on Dan" today, and I'll be praying for you guys throughout the day.

Mamá to the best 2 said...

praying, praying.

TobyBo said...

prayers from here.

Chelsie said...

Praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Dan everyday...and appreciate the specific request you share so sweetly with us.

Cedarville mom

Gramma said...

Lots and lots of prayers for you to our Saviour!

Jane-Jane said...

Dan, praying my heart out for you! and your family too!

Meatloaf... Oh how I wish I could eat that today! I have some health issues, the doc has me off of ALL red meat until mid October to see if that helps. Oh and no white potatoes either!!! So on the menu tonight is salmon, couscous and a spinach and red pepper salad. Not near as fun as meatloaf!

Hey dude... get out of that hospital and enjoy your family!

Praying Jane

Jane-Jane said...

Jack and I had a fire date tonight... built a fire in our back yard and just hung out... Jack retreated to the house before me... I was saying tons of prayers for you guys! Jane

Papá to the best 2 said...

praying for a quick recover dan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
We're thinking of you and praying for you!!!
May God keep you in His care!
Lots of love,
The McReavy's
P.S. GO CUBS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers from Ohio!!

Amanda Martin said...

Praying! Get better soon, Dan!

Anonymous said...

You still in the hospital? I hope you're feeling much better by now. Janni

Anonymous said...

Praying still-
Aunt retta