Saturday, September 29, 2007

pacing marathon

Dan is on a pacing marathon so to speak. It started on Wed night with an overnight of 9 hours. Thursday we were gone all day, but Dan started pacing again at night and continued all the way through Saturday evening. He only stopped pacing each morning for 2-3 hours for a break. He also is drinking and eating while pacing, something that was difficult at first.

Mind you he does not have enough title volume to push the air through his mouth and nose, thus he has his cap off, and is not able to talk while pacing. This is expected to improve over time as his diaphragm continues to get stronger.

Thanks for your continued prayers in this wonderful blessing of "natural breathing" for Dan.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week... God is alive and performing miracles. Just some of them come in the form of wheelchairs.

Anonymous said...

Dan, that sounds like a freakin' amazing chair! The coolest thing Benji's chair does is have his name embroidered on the back. :-)Glad to hear things are going well for you, especially the pacing. Prayin' for ya from Hollywood...
Bonnie <><

Jane-Jane said...

Dan, I am gone for a couple of days and tons of stuff happens!!!

Congrats on the new wheels! SWEEEEEET!

And your pacing is going at marathon lengths... PRAISE GOD!!!!

And I saw over on the side that there is more exciting news!!! Way cool!!! Another blessing, or two would be good, from God!

Hope you guys had lots of cheerful helpers today. I so badly wish I could be up there to help out. I just have to trust that God will provide for you through my prayers.

still praying!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continued updates on Dan. We really appreciate it. We continue to pray for you and your family. Keep looking up! The Basiles in Puebla

Your big sister said...

Woot Woot!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up brother, you are doing awesome and are a shining example!!

Praying for you dude,

Mark said...

Great job Dan... it is awesome to keep hearing about the progress you are making. I hope the move goes well. I've been thinking about you and praying for you.
Also, Go Cubs!! (or, at least until they play a certain team from the East in the NLCS!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus for this sweet family . Your sufficient grace is modeled so well. What a joy to pray for you all.

Cedarville mom