Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day '07

Pacing today started with a record 32 minute session this morning while Dan was still in bed and another 20+ minute session later on in his chair. Progress is slow but good, and we are still excited about getting rid of those "watch my tubes" forever.

We have enjoyed a lot of visitors this weekend.
Cedarville students took advantage of the 3 day weekend
and a few of them "checked in on Dan".

Long time family friend and CU student, Talitha stopped by Sunday to say "HI" and drop off a few things from Dan's twin brother, Mike. She'd love to have Dan back at the 'ville, to practice her nursing skills on him.

Jared [OPE brother]
& Katherine
['07, who was with
on the Mexico trip],

stopped by after
visiting family in Chicago.

Mark ['07] was nearby and just stopped by again, to watch the Cubs game with Dan. Wearing a Cubs hat, and Cubs blanket [Thank you Lyle's] did not help the Cubbies win today :(


Anonymous said...

Bottle works, seriously?? Wow, we can't even light sparklers for the Fourth of July here in San Diego. In fact, Jenn's wedding was the first time Bonnie had ever even held a lit sparkler. Be glad you live in such a free state!

Dan, you're looking good and I'm impressed with your progress in breathing. I prayed a loooong time ago that you would get off the ventilator. I didn't expect God to answer in this way. This technology is very cool and I'm thanking God for it with you.

Love, Ladwig family

Anonymous said...

glad you had a nice Labor Day weekend.
go cubs!

Your big sister said...

Weeeell, bottleworks aren't exactly LEGAL in IL, but shh, who's counting!
See you in 10 days, family!

Jane-Jane said...

Dan... sounds like you are having tons of visitors these days! Woo Hoo! Nothing like friends to encourage us when we are in need.

The pacing sounds like it is going great! I take it you figured out the exhale issue. Is it odd to feel yourself breathing again? I have asthma and know what it is like to feel like your breath has been taken away from you. And my worse case has been nothing like your typical day.

I love how God has put you in my prayers. We have little in common... except our LOVE for Jesus of course. But I have a life much different than I ever imagined and breathing does not always come easy for me either. I can feel some of your pain and always ache when I think about how your world has been turned upside down.

Have a GREAT day while eating and pacing! Ya gotta get stronger to get back at it!

Always praying,