Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dan's family

[clockwise: Dan, Emily & Matt, Jeff & Jen, Mike,
Bill & Addy, Deb & Gabri]

Well, this past Sunday's family gathering was too much fun, went by too fast, and all 10 of us Knudsen's gathered at our Old Kirk Road home for the last time. It was the first time that all 10 of us have been together since the family expansion this year with a new son-in-law Jeff, and two very cute, twin grand daughters, Addy & Gabri.

[Jen & Jeff
meeting the twins
for the first time.]

For those of you who are in the early years of raising children, perhaps you occasionally think about the day when they all will leave home. Those of us who are empty nesters love the holidays when all the kids are home. It was all that and more.

Twins: Mike, Dan, Gabri & Addy ...
(in the right order per Emily)

MEDICAL UPDATE: We are trying to line up home nursing care so that Dan can come home from the hospital. If you know of anyone who is a nurse [RN or LPN] and would like to work a few hours on their day off, please give them this email address: checkinondan@gmail.com

There is no insurance money available for this, and because of that, 2 home care nursing agencies have turned us down. There is some limited state money that can be provided soon. We really need skilled care for Dan at home at this time. We feel that prevention will help keep him out of the hospitals in the long run.

Medical update in previous blog below.


Jane-Jane said...

family being together is always good!

Thank you for all the updates...I'm praying for answers for your health Dan! I personally think you just wanted to be back around all the young and good looking nurses! lol!

There's no place like home, so get well and get back home soon!

beth b. said...

Father God, I am bringing before you again these precious ones we love, give them a keen awareness of your presence, your strength, your comfort, your compassion. Please God, work on their behalf, relieve Dan's pain, heal his infection, give Bill and Deb supernatural stamina. Provide in Your miraculous ways skilled nursing care for Dan. We wait now to see how You work on their behalf as another opportunity to praise You.

Praying, praying.

Anonymous said...

Is Dan in the hospital or home now?
Praying in Northern Ohio