Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Visitors and Outings

Dan had 2 visitors and an outing on Monday and Tuesday.

Cedarville University's
Pastor Bob Rohm, Vice President of Christian Ministries and Brian Nester, Director of Missions, were able to pay a visit to Dan this week. Pastor Bob runs the daily chapels and is known well by all students. Brian was the one who had to leave "THAT" phone call to us on Friday night, March 9th.

They took Debbie and me out for lunch to the Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Ave. and all of us for dinner at the NMH dining room. (Of all the places to eat in Chicago, and we go to a hospital dining room!!) But Dan desired to go to the hospital to visit the ones who had cared for him for 2 weeks, so we drove his power chair the 2 blocks.
We saw the corner suite, as we called it, but Dan did not really remember much of the place from his 2-week stay.

Tuesday Dan's Physical Therapist wanted Dan to "drive" to Treasure Island Foods, a grocery store 2 blocks away. Driving a wheel chair with the "sip and puff" method on city sidewalks is a challenge. It's nothing like the smooth floors of the RIC. The building's older handicap incline ramp with narrow rails barely accommodated the power chair, and the 3' x 4 ' airlock doorway, one door closing before the other one opens, was too much to handle physically. It buzzed me and I was on my own two feet. It didn't help that Dan had an excruciating headache that day. But, we won't give up!

Well, I'm off to look at a few houses today. We're trusting the Lord for provision in this area.


Anonymous said...

Your progress is incredible Dan! God is so faithful and His grace IS sufficient!!! Keep pushing forward! I know you are climbing a mountain but God is leading the way! He NEVER gives us more than we can manage. You are so precious to Him! Hoping to see you again soon! Are you up for any homemade cinnamon rolls? You name it, I'll bring it!
Mrs. Stern

Jane-Jane said...

Mrs. Stern... if Dan doesn't want the rolls, I'll take them down here in SC! lol

Dan... out and about! way to go dude! before ya know it, you will be tearing up the sidewalks of Chi town! I am so Praising God for your newfound attitude these past few weeks. You have made huge progress lately! Prayin' for ya! Jane

Anonymous said...


We continue to pray daily for you! Our children are seeing God work in and through your life - we are all amazed at what HE has done over these last few weeks in your life - HE IS FAITHFUL!!! You and your family are a living testimony to the watching world that God is who HIS Word says HE IS...........

Anonymous said...


It's exciting to hear the progress you are making! I'm always amazed by your determination and perseverance that shines through your hard work and progress...and I pray you will never lose that! You are an amazing man of God...keep seeking Him with everything, even the little daily goals and field trips!
I pray for you everyday my brother! One thing I'm learning is how God meets us where we are at with precisely what we need, and I pray that for you regularly!
I love you, Dan, and want to come up to see you soon!

Todd "Lil" Marquardt :)

Read Acts 3-4 when you get the chance...simply amazing! So is Isaiah 12. :)

Amy said...

Praying for you all from Mexico! Each 'get together' we have with missionaries here- we talk about your progress and how great and powerful our God is!! May He give you strength today!!

Papá to the best 2 said...

Thats awesome dan. Way to get out on some nice warm Chicago days...

your cousin said...

Dan we pray for you at PHCC, where there are several folks who know your grandparents (Ks) and if we don't give an update on you, they ask!!!

We are praising God for what He has done in all of your lives and how He continues to show you His unbelievable faithfulness.

It is a privilege to be this "close" to you through the blog. You all are on our hearts and we pray for God's continue healing and strengthening, from the inside-out.

Lots of love, charlene

Amber said...

Looking good, Dan! You're constantly in my prayers; never give up hope! You're doing so well, and I know that the Lord is just as proud of you as we all are.