Friday, May 18, 2007

milage points to donate?

As most of you know we have a few major events going on in our lives at the same time.

Our daughter Jen, is getting married in 4 weeks to a very special guy, Jeff. He is already like a son to us. This will be a sacred, loving and very happy event in the mist of our family's current situation. God's timing is perfect.
Our oldest son 'M' and daughter-in-law 'E' are in the process of adopting the cutest twins from a Central American country. Their daily photos, videos and blog updates are pure sunshine and give us laughter during this time. We all thought that after a year of "the process", they would be home by now. After all they are in the ceremony. God has not seen fit to do so. M & E continue to trust His timing in their lives.
Our Dan is still paralyzed, on a ventilator and in Rehab for another 2-3 months. The logistics of getting him to the wedding are huge, but we started working toward an approval to go "off campus", handicap transportation, and his medical care, a few weeks ago. Other SCI people have said that their first time out of the RIC was a very difficult challenge mentally. It will be no different for Dan. Pray about that.

We are often asked
"what do you need?" which is a tough question to answer, because aside from needing gasoline, parking fees, sleep, and healing ... we're are doing okay. Besides you all have been too generous to us with those food and gas cards and a fully loaded freezer. [Thanks]

I do believe that my family has a healing need to be together on June 16th, for the wedding. Dan WILL be there, and of course so will Jen & Jeff, [LOL], but we would like to get M & E back here too. The adoptions could still be finalized in the next few weeks, but we need to enact plan B; 2 relatives need to exchange places with M & E for a few days, so they can attend and be apart the wedding.

Yes we could use 4 RT airline tickets or points for the tickets.

This request would only apply to you if you have extra airline mileages points or credit card mileages type points that you could donate to them, part or all. [Purchasing tickets outright, if not refundable, could be a waste if the adoption happens.] Again if you have already helped in some way, thank-you and continue to pray for Dan.
I've attached an email from M for you to consider.

The preferred airline is American since they have the most flight times and good connections. Delta and Continental/Northwest are other options to/from "down south". United is the least preferred as they have long layovers and travel will take a full day.

It typically takes 35,000 miles or points for a round trip ticket - provided we can book within the next week or two since "Reward Seats" are more likely to be available. Tickets would be purchased on our behalf by the donor.


I have intentionally been vague with some names and places because of the foreign adoption issues. Replies or further questions should be made to:


Jane-Jane said...

May I link your request to my blog and send out an e-mail to friends and family? My husband and I do not fly that often, and use cash, so we do not have the airline miles or cc rewards to donate... but I have a big mouth (or key pad in this situation) and love to cheer lead for Jesus and His children. I will not put the request out until after I have heard from you.

I am so praying for those girls to get home... M needs them, and they need him.... along with the entire family needing to be together on June 16th....

Your family, in all countries and states, have been in my prayers!

Love, hugs and prayers in Jesus' name,

kimmccombs said...

Hey Deb this is yr cousin Kim, If you don't mind Im putting Dan and all of you on our prayer chain and prayer request list at church,and if I can get donations startedI'll send you the money to help you out. If you need my help just let aunt pat know she has my email address. I have vacation coming up I'm willing to come help you in anyway to give you rest break or anything. Give boy a kiss for me. love in Gods arms yr cousin kim