Thursday, May 3, 2007


"Feliz Cumpleaños a ti,
Feliz Cumpleaños a ti,
Feliz Cumpleaños a Gabri and Addy,
Feliz Cumpleaños a ti"

No, we are not talking about Mike and Dan, but Gabri and Addy!
The Knudsen twin thing continues with our Guatamala twin grand daughters. Grandma Deb visited them last November with our daughter in law Em, and we are still awaiting for their adoption to the USA.

Much prayer is needed for them to get home very soon, without any further government delays.

I can't wait to hold them, I cant wait to steal them for a day and go shopping, [yes even baby girls love to shop... everyone knows that] and I can't wait to spoil them almost rotten, and know for sure who is who. [it took me too many years with M & D] AND I just know they will want to go cycling for hours and hours with Guillermo Abuelito [Grandpa Bill]

I know that we are shameless talking about our Cedarville U connection, but the twins have an impressive list of CU relatives, who are grads or current students. Their dad Matt '05, uncles Josh '05, Mike '08 , Dan '08+, and Ben '10, then aunts Jen '06, Sara '06 and and a few more relatives after an event in June, uncle Jeff '05, and his sibs Jodi '06, and Justin '08.
[Did I forget anyone?]


Gramma said...

Happy Birthday Gabri and Addy from Great grandma Pat. I hope I get to meet you soon. Love to you and your mommy and daddy. Please pray for Uncle Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and fam,

We were so excited to hear that the halo was removed. We continue think of you and pray for you. We praise the Lord for the progress you are making. Dan, God is at work in and through you. Keep the faith, just don't keep it to yourself! Congrats on being an uncle to twin girls. The Basile family

Anonymous said...

What a precious addition to your family!

Anonymous said...

to dan's mom,
i hope that you can get to know the twins and don't spoil them to rotten(that doesn't mean don't spoil them:)i am glad that your son is going to adopt them and i'm sure you will care for them as if they were your own!

God bless you,
Stephen Basile (in mex. 10 years old)

P.S.(I am Dan's camper and tell him i'm praying for him and i'm so glad that he is a strong Christian.I really,really,and once again really care for him.i want to be spiritually like him.please get this to him!!