Monday, May 7, 2007

Selling Our Home - HELP NEEDED !!!

After careful review of our Dan's future condition and housing needs, talking with contractors and handicap home specialists, it has been determined that it would be better to sell our current home and purchase a ranch style home. You see, this house has 4 levels, and as it was great for "hide-n- seek" or air gun wars, it is not for anyone in a wheel chair. They would be effectively confined to one level or area of home living.

Many of you have asked for tangible ways to help.
SO... WE NEED HELP getting this place ready to sell. If this type of help is not possible for you at this time, [like you live in Mexico or Ohio, etc] pray and know that there will be many other opportunities to assist with Dan's care.

I have attached and modified a letter from Alan, our daughter-in-law's father. Read and consider if this is for you, at this time.
(we do share the cutest twin grand babies, don't we Alan?!! :)


The work project list consists of 60 different " to do" items, some large
and some minor, in the following areas.

Painting, carpentry/trim work, electrical, plumbing, carpeting, vinyl flooring & trim, hardware replacement, garage clean out, pre-packing,
lots of yard work, [raking, mulching, weeding and planting of flowers].

Tentative work dates are May 11th & 12th, 18th & 19th.

Those who would like to help financially should donate to the Harvest Bible Chapel address on your blog.
Harvest Bible Chapel - Att: Drew Schmitz - 1000 N. Randall Rd - Elgin, IL 60123
[check memo: "for Dan Knudsen"]

The e-mail account for the volunteers to use is

Thanks Bill.

FYI - Our house will not be listed on the open market until after our daughter's June 16th wedding. It is okay to let people know of its future availability, AND likewise we are looking for a ranch home or a lot in the Batavia to Elgin area - west of the river to Rt 47.

Comments are closed. Field any questions to Alan, that you feel might need to be addressed to everyone. Thanks.

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Dan's Fam said...

We have lived in our current home on Old Kirk Road, Geneva, IL [Google it] since 1991. It was a rundown "treasure" that is always needing 1 more thing fixed or repaired. This house was a kid/family friendly fun house. Big yard, lots of trees, pool, tree swings, trampoline, big front yard aka baseball field, fire pit, nearby woods but close to town. We've hosted countless birthday parties, 3 open houses, [including the Hawaiian one with the juice bar] a 4th of July pool party & baseball game each year, countless youth gatherings including bonfires, Halloween costume parties, New Years Eve gatherings, etc. Two favorite memories of mine are coming home from church on Sunday evening and seeing 15+ cars crammed in the driveway and side yard, and the pile of shoes by the front door. Good times! Sweet memories! but things have changed!
Bill & Debbie