Tuesday, May 1, 2007

He ate some banana

There have been gradual pushes in Dan's eating. He had his "cookie test" at Northwestern that said he could swallow liquids and milkshake but not puddings or cookies. So for the past 2 weeks, his speech therapist comes in each day with a tray of many various foods and has been challenging him to taste 10 different foods each day. Dan has been taking tiny samples of applesauce, chocolate pudding, peanut butter, and various condiments and flavored drinks for the past week.

Nothing tastes the same in hospitals and even liquids seem be difficult to swallow at times. He really cannot choke on any food, because of the trach being in the way, but as are most things with spinal cord patients, the mental process is just as important as the physical.

Well, a banana that has been sitting on the tray for 2 days finally got the interest of Dan. When asked if he wanted it smashed up, like a puree, he said "no, ill just chew it" and he proceeded to chew AND swallow 4 thin slices of a banana. Yes!!! His monkey [does he have a name?] , still hanging around on his room, let out a shriek of eeeeh! eeeeh! eeeeh! too.

Officially he has been taken off a liquid only diet, his weight loss has stabilized, and we continue to supplement his diet with liquid protein and muscle building drinks, usually taken via his stomach feeding tube.

Continue to pray for Dan to accept his new life, [well each of us for that matter] and the daily goals set before him. God Bless each of you.


Papá to the best 2 said...

Yeah... never been the first to post! Oh.. great news on the banana by the way... :-) Thats really great Dan.

Mamá to the best 2 said...

Awesome! Dan, you are making such great progress, we are so proud of you and we keep praying, praying, praying!!!

Gramma said...

Dan, hey good choice on the banana. I eat one each day! Adding a little milk and sugar makes it even more delicious. Great work. You are prayed for constantly and we are confident that God is working in you each day for His glory. Keep up the good work. Love you - Gramma PS, I check your blog several times a day and am always thrilled to see a new accomplishment. Hey, Dan, there have been so many fads in each year. Do you remember the "POGS" that were so popular in 1994? Surely you do! I can remember when you boys and Jen bagged them for your dad.

Anonymous said...

Debbie & Bill
Continue to lift your family up in prayer. It was so great to see you and Bill able to worship together at church last week, something I know Jim & I miss when we are on different schedules. Keep encouraging and coming alongside each other as you are doing. GOD IS IN CONTROL. Were you there for that message from the Lord April 22nd? I would recommend getting a copy if you missed it.
Beth Harnish

Anonymous said...

It was so good to visit yesterday! The Lord is so good. Dan, you are making HUGE progress, and I will never stop praying! I prayed that you would gat a GOOD night's sleep, and also that you would use the energy God gave you through sleep today. I will be praying for your therapies today. God loves you so much!
jen m.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the work of the Lord is really evident in all of this. Thank you so much for this website, its really nice to be able to see exactly whats going on and to know just how to pray. Thank you guys for your whitness and keep up the strength!!!
<3 The Happel Family

Anonymous said...

hey dan, i check this blog each day and each time i read it i say a prayer for you and your family. it may be hard to imagine, but this situation has been used for God's glory and will continue to for a long time. congratulations on each new success!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Scratch,
This is Paul and Denise (his mom). Paul was in your cabin in Puebla and came home telling me what a "cool" counselor you were! Thank you for being there for him! 5 of my other children were there too throughout the week and enjoyed you so much! Thank you for ministering to them at camp and being such an example for them then and now still.
You have been in our prayers daily (and this is a big family... so it's a lot of prayer!)
You are awesome, Dan!!
All the Lamberts

Anonymous said...

Being able to CHEW is a biggie. Good work! This is huge progress and we congratulate you for being persistent. Keep up the good work and focus on what they say. These people are specialists and know so many tips that will make it easier to move back into the mainstream.

We check your blog at least once a day and sometimes more and we pray all during the day for you. You're going to make it. With love. Sergio and Janni

Jane-Jane said...

Dan, I am Praising God for your progress this week. I have been praying so hard for you.

Accepting God's plan for my life has been difficult at times for me too. I pray for God's piece to be with you while your body continues to heal, and you adjust to this book in the series called The Life of Dan.

Prayers to you, Jane

Amanda Martin said...

Keep up the good work, Dan. There's lots of people rejoicing with you, brother!

In Him,

Mark said...

It is amazing how slowly news travels across someone's yard. I'm thankful that I ran into Bill today and heard some details and got sent here.

If I can be of any help just holler (Bill has my number).

All of you are in my prayers, Dan especially.
Mark Frost

A Mom in Cedarville said...

Yaaay! I vote for Dan as "Hero of the Day"!
Rejoicing and praying,
A Mom in Cedarville

Anonymous said...

Dan, Great job with the banana!!!We are ready to send other foods that taste better than hospital food so let us know when you're ready. Keep pressing on, we are praying for you all. the morzaks

Anonymous said...

Dan, I almost forgot...Jen also said your are talking with your trach cuff down more...that is huge progress!! I am really proud of your hard work..God is truly at work in you. I cant wait to come and see you...hopefully soon. Mrs. Morzak

Anonymous said...

Go Dan!! We like peanut butter with bananas too:) Let me know when choc. chip cookies or brownies sound good and we'll bring some in. How about a fruit smoothie too?! Keep it up Dan! We are so thrilled with your progress and know that God will continue to give you the perseverence to move forward! Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus!!!
We love you!!!!
Jan Stern

Anonymous said...

Everytime yesterday I saw a banana I prayed for Dan. What a great reminder. I am just afraid if Dan moves up to brownies and cookies that instead of praying I will just eat all of those I see. What if the next step is brussel spouts or spinache? Just kidding...Always praying in Northern Ohio.

beth said...

Hey Dan, Great job with the banana and with persevering with your therapies. I check your blog every day and pray for you and the whole Knudsen family often. It can be so hard when we have fear and pain, and when things seem impossible, to remember that our Sovereign God is still in control and is still "able". But, He is there and has a plan for Dan and the Knudsens. It is such a blessing to see your family standing firm on God's word as you move through this phase of life. It is hard to imagine how God's grace and strength are enough for this but we must remain confident that they are because He tells us so. I pray that God will help you all to have a keen awareness of that provision of grace and strength, not just know it but feel it.
" The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him." Nahum 1:7

Continuing to beseech God for you all and watching to see how He works on your behalf.
Beth Bolander

Anonymous said...

Great job Dan!!! We will continue to pray everyday for you and your family. God is always near and he listens to our prayers. Keep putting your trust in him.