Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day Parades & the weekend fun

Some us who live out here in the Fox Valley area, started attending the Memorial Day Parade in Geneva, IL a few years ago.

Since this holiday falls closely to the end of the college year, certain people not to be mentioned, but of that college age group, are still sleeping in late. So last year we asked, suggested, pleaded, cajoled, threatened [threatening parents, OH MY!] for Mike and Dan to do their patriotic duty go to the parade with us. Usually there is a good group of us K's, USUALLY.

For whatever reason, last year, the ONLY year that Bill, Deb, Mike & Dan showed up, no one else did, not even Shelby the dog. So this is fair warning to the local relatives, and you know who I mean. Monday 10:00 AM in front of the old Geneva courthouse. Look for Jen & Jeff, and don't forget the Ole Glory.

. BE THERE. [or support your local Memorial Day Event]

It is good to honor those who have defended our freedoms.
This year we include Dan's cousin, Ranger PFC D. Bennett who is currently serving in Iraq, as I type. Many servicemen and their families have been linked to checkinondan

May we also keep them all in our prayers daily.

Sunday morning, Bill & Deb are going to the a bicycling ride called "Bike the Drive". It is an annual event that falls on a busy weekend for us, and thought we should take advantage of the close proximity. Dan and relief sitter Matt might watch from our 5th floor lounge at the RIC .

We will try for another outing on Sunday afternoon with Dan and the family. We are taking the whole entourage to see Shrek III at the AMC theatre a 6 city blocks away from the RIC. We have scouted out the best sidewalks to take down there, are taking a back up lithium battery for his vent, and some of his required equipment for travel. Should be interesting. Stay tuned.


Jane-Jane said...

To all the service men and woman serving now and in the past... thank you so very much! I am thankful, thankful for your commitment to MY freedom. I pray for you guys and gals as much as I do Dan!

And Dan... hope you are in for a good laugh on Sunday...Shrek III was pretty funny. We will be taking Nikita to see it when he gets here next week.

Mamá to the best 2 said...

Did you know i could already buy a copy of Shrek III on dvd, here in Guat (pretty cool, huh). Altho, they might only have them in espanol, and I'm thinking they might be illegal :)
See you in THREE WEEKS!!! Love you all!!!

yr cousin kim said...

Hey cuz this Kim wanted to let you know my boys saw Shrek III they said you'll laugh and enjoy. I'm going tonight I'll be thinking of you.And in remembering I'll rememberall those we know that are away to war and also remember those from the past like yr Uncle Sam ( yr grandma pats brother and my Dad). always remember and nver forget that you're never alone.