Sunday, March 25, 2007

1st Minutes After the Accident

This weekend also gave us a visit with Cedarville U MIS team leader and friend Jeremy Hudson who was on the scene just after Dan's accident. We asked him for the whole story of ALL that went on those first critical minutes. There were a few more people involved in saving his life. ["THAT" phone call post has also been updated.]

  • Julie H., a mom, [Jeremy's wife], who saw Dan crumple to the ground, yelled for Jeremy to go over to him.
  • Jeremy H. [CU EMT trained] who had to determine that it was a blocked airway and impaired breathing, not a seizure. Helped bag Dan for over 1.5 hours.
  • Elaine S., OCS and camp nurse, who started mouth to mouth, [see her worshiping God comments at the bottom of 2nd Saturday Update post].
  • John S., camp missionary [MBI grad, paramedic too] who had a box of medical items on location including a mask ventilating bag and bite block to open Dan's clenched teeth. Helped bag Dan.
  • Dr. Joel S., [John's brother] who gave support.
  • Erica S., an R.N., [Dr. Joel's wife], helped monitor his vital signs and filled in as needed.
  • Joe B., missionary, who used his USA cell phone to keep us in contact with Jeremy in those first few critical hours
  • Ed O., missionary, who called 911 and negotiate [pay before you get to go] for the ambulance to take Dan to the hospital
We are glad that we did not know any of this story until now, and there are many other details between the lines. We lift our hands to heaven in total praise and thanksgiving, to our God who spared Dan's life.

I know we say this a lot, but thank you for all your notes and gifts, and especially your prayers. We still need you all so much.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Dan can swallow now! I've been praying that he could taste food... can he taste food (or milkshakes) now?
God bless,
from an MK who went to PCS in grade school

Emily said...

Dear Dan,
I know how you feel being stuck in a hospital room with nothing to do except to watch T.V all day long. Once your in rehab hopefully it will be interesting with all the therapy. once you can get milkshakes down maybe your mom can get STARBUCKS!!!!
Always praying for you and family, Emily Morzak

Patience Praier said...

Hearing good news about Dan is better than:
-Checking Facebook
-Getting mail
-Getting a box
-Sunny weather
-Having the rock painted for you (which, Dan, it's been painted for you for days now!)
-Not having any homework over the weekend (not that I've ever had personal experience with this one, but I can imagine)
-Checking e-mail
-No room checks

to name a few things...

Still praying for you, Dan, that you'll continue to make progress and won't be as bored. Praying for the whole family, too!


Anonymous said...

Our family continues to check your blog often, and we will continue to pray for your family. We are rejoicing with you, and "stand amazed" at God's goodness!
Your testimony of HIS faithfulness is reaching the hearts of many!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and family. I'm praying for you and your move tomorrow. I rejoiced over the "cookie"test. May God grant Grace and Healing.

Julie Giardino said...


What wonderful news! I am amazed at the quick progress. We just had a cedarville grad vivist this weekend, he told us he was praying with his friends. We are also praying as a small group and as a family. You are a testimony to us. Keep hope in Your god and King.


Anonymous said...

During those first critical moments which turned into eons to everyone involved: Dr. Joel's wife, Erica, an R.N., helped monitor his vital signs and fill in as needed. Jonathan was supposed to be away that weekend.

We are SO glad to hear Dan is able to swallow. That sounds like an excellent and positive move in the right direction. Good job, Dan!

Our prayers continue to go up for you for complete healing, peace and for all the overwhelming thoughts and lies satan may try to plant. Turn a deaf ear. He's never had anything worthwhile listening to. God is with you.

Know you are continually thought about and there are many, many people praying for you.

Ed & Lois said...

Dear Dan and family:

My first news of what happened was the phone call from an English-only missionary who had received a call from camp requesting an ambulance. He didn't know how to send one. I knew immediately that I needed more info so as to get a properly equipped ambulance on the scene as soon as possible. I immediately called camp to find out more and learned it was a neck injury. Then I had to resist the temptation and suggestion around me to call 066 (Puebla's 911) because they are notoriously slow and poorly equipped. Afterwards, both Jon Smith and Jeremy Hudson were glad that I made that decision. I looked in the yellow pages for one of the ambulance services I had observed on the street and thought looked adequate. After meeting everyone at the hospital, I noticed that the ambulance was not the same company I had called. Upon inquiry, I found that the number I called was a hotline for all the private paramedic ambulances. They had transferred the request to an ambulance that was 15 minutes closer to the camp and this helped speed Dan's delivery to the hospital. At the hospital, Jon and Jeremy were trying to figure out how long it took them to establish an airway. Their calculation of 4 minutes 45 seconds put him right at the maximum limit of oxygen deprivation without brain damage. Then someone commented that Dan last spoken words were "I can't breathe." That's when the nurse started mouth-to-mouth respiration. This greatly relieved the anxiety that Jonathan and Jeremy had.

Also, when Jonathan approached the scene (while still several yards away) he realized that Dan was not breathing and, without stopping, ran back to his house for needed equipment. This saved precious seconds.

After Dan was in the ambulance, the Mexican paramedics removed the airway and were inserting a simple oxygen tube down his nose but Jon was able to take control, reinsert the airway, and get the respirator going.

We can see the Lord's hand present every second of the way. We continue to pray for all!-ED O.