Friday, March 16, 2007

Ways you can help,

The following is from Drew Schmitz, a Harvest Bible Chapel family pastor.

Good Afternoon,

Please pray for Dan Knudsen and his parents, Bill and Debbie Knudsen. This last weekend, Dan had a serious accident involving a neck injury while serving on a mission trip to Mexico. He was admitted Friday night to a hospital outside of Mexico City where he was stabilized.
On Monday Dan was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, downtown Chicago, where he continues to receive care. He is unable to feel or move anything from his ear lobes down, and can only breathe with a ventilator. He does communicate some by blinks and mouthing words, although with much difficulty.

The doctors confirmed yesterday that his spine received an incredibly hard blow and is seriously
bruised. The recovery for such injuries will be lengthy -- 6 weeks to 3 months.
At this point, nothing is known for certain about the long term prognosis. i.e. what body functions will return.

For those who don’t know the Knudsen’s, they have attended Harvest since 2005, work the 9 am Welcome Counter in Elgin, and are members of a Small Group near their home in Geneva. Debbie also serves as a 3rd grade teacher at Harvest Christian Academy in Elgin.


    1. Pray
§ Ask God to heal Dan’s body. Pray for the swelling to diminish so that he regains response throughout his body.
§ Pray for the Bill and Debbie's physical and emotional strength and wisdom during the long recovery.
Ask God to give the Knudsen’s meaningful rest during the evenings.

§ Pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses who care for Dan.
    2. Give
§ The Knudsen’s are looking for a place to stay near Northwestern Memorial Hospital. If you know of a location near the hospital or would like to contribute to the Knudsen’s accommodations, please contact me. *** Currently filled for a week or so.- a condo 2 blocks away.

§ Due to the Knudsen’s stay downtown, they will be eating regularly at local restaurants. You can purchase a gift card to provide a meal for the Knudsen’s Inside the hospital is a deli cafe, Au Bon Pain and a Starbucks Within a 1 block walk is
Subway, Potbellys, Corner Bakery , Chipotle, and TGIFriday’s . You can purchase gift cards online and have them shipped directly to the hospital, or you can bring them to my office and I will deliver them to the family.

§ Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers the opportunity to send an encouragement card via their website. The hospital staff have already personally deliver cards to Dan’s room. You can also mail cards to the Knudsen’s at: Northwestern Memorial Hospital/ attn: Daniel Knudsen/ 251 E. Huron/ Chicago, Illinois 60611. The family is unable to receive flowers due to hospital regulations.

The Knudsen’s have kindly asked that they receive no visitors during the next several days as the tests and prognosis change from day to day.

Bill and Debbie thank you for your prayer and love!

In Prayer,
drew schmitz

Adult Ministries Family Director
Harvest Bible Chapel
1000 N. Randall Rd.
Elgin, IL 60123
847-398-7024 ext. 3233

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ORCA said...


Hey brother, just wanted to let you know we missed you tons at Blade group last night. Dick Walker hooked us up with pints of Youngs Ice Cream. It was delish. We've been praying like crazy and hope you return to us ASAP! Love you bro,


PS - Sniff, we miss you too! OPE needs there Sratch n' Sniff back soon, so may God grant us that!


Anonymous said...

Dan and Family,

We are praying for you and grateful for God's provision. May He be with you in a big, tangible way!

Dart said...


Our prayers are with you and your family. I am so encouraged to know that OPE continues to "sharpen one another" even through the most difficult of times. I praise God that HE has granted peace through this trial that has been laid before you all and that HE continues to be faithful to you in HIS provision. May we never lose sight of God's grace in our lives. I know God has big plans for you, Scratch, and that even now HE is using you for HIS honor and glory. Continue to run the race that has been laid before. Finish strong and remain faithful. All in the name of Christ. Continue to pour out your life as an offering to God. You are a blessing to so many and we love you.

Dart (and wife)

Deuce said...


I miss you brother! I'd do anything to see you right now. Been praying for you constantly, and confident in Christ that God hears all of the prayers. Thankful that God is in control, all-knowing, all-powerful. Love you tons!


John Wambold said...

hey, family is praying for you & trusting that God will give you the strenght, comfort, peace and healing you need for each moment. hang in there...

with OPE love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan,
I pray for a speedy recovery. We miss you at Cedarville and hope that you come back soon.

"Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need."
(Hebrews 4:16)

Later alligator!


Ken said...

Just a note to let you know people in TEXAS are praying for you, too, Dan! I hope that book I sent to your parents ("Barb, Please Wake Up") will be a source of encouragement to your family!
May God continue to use you for His glory (as I'm hearing He already has!!)...
Romans 15:13
kim & family, from Texas