Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hard Work

Mom reporting from Baltimore!
This place is wonderful! Dan has therapy from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening, with only a 2 hour break for lunch. Even during the break, a massage therapist or other therapist or staff person comes in for a short session or discussion. You can't believe how hard Dan works, keeping an amazing attitude the whole time. I'm worn out, and all I do is watch!

Dan is taking an on-line course as well, so his evenings are spent writing papers for his philosophy class. He is busy! And of course, the televised Cubs games are always on.

I'll write more soon, but Dan needs the computer for his class.
Thanks for praying. (He is still not sleeping well -- even after his workout.)


Anonymous said...

Still praying for Dans sleeping issue. Does anyone have any idea why he can't sleep well?
Are you doing ok there, Debbie? I believe it was Bill who mentioned you are not used to being away by yourself.
We all really appreciate any and all updates you provide!
Connie Lukacs

Jane-Jane said...

I'm tired just listening about your schedule Dan! And taking a Philosophy class! You are much stronger than I am...keep up the hard work, it WILL be worth it.

praying for your rest...but I pray that I don't once again take on your sleep issues through my prayers...we are in a BIG life change here, and I HAVE TO HAVE my sleep. lol

still praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

As always, thinking and praying for y'all. Thanks for letting us see Dan in action @ KKI. Amazing!
Aunt Retta

Anonymous said...

I hope your silence is because only good things are happening. Pray in Northern Ohio.

Trish said...

Hey Dan,
Greetings from Zion National Park!Glad to hear you have been working out like a maniac. Love the pics and wondered if any of the lotto cards I sent made you hit the big time. Take care, Trish