Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Final Move

Well folks, not sure why there has not been a big interest in blogging about a new new house .... but ours is finally done.

What was started last September with Remington Homes, a local Chicago home builder, was finally delivered to us last Friday. Greg RH V.P., a member of Harvest Bible Chapel, and all around nice guy, saw this as a labor of love, to help our family. This was the first builder we met who had actually made many of the modifications Dan needed in other homes. Big thanks to Dave, the foreman, for many hours of attending to our modifications and changes.

We took one of their ranch floor plans, and widened hallways, added 2' to Dan's bedroom, took out dining room pillars that would be somewhat in the way, deleted an extra door off the garage [Dan's main access point] and modified the kitchen island to accommodate Dan's chair. Oh, the hardwood floors. After working on a carpet floor here at the condo, we knew without a doubt that carpet was difficult for all of us to operate on.

This next Monday, [fingers crossed that the floors will be dry by then] we hope to make the move with all of our basic living stuff, from the condo to the new house. [The 2 PODS will be delivered and unpacked the following week.]

IF any of you brave souls have a few hours on Monday or anytime next week, please send an email to with "moving help" in the subject line. We'll start at 9:00 am and work till ?

We appreciate how so many of you helped last time, and made quick work of the 1st move. Our new address is in the side info bar.


Anonymous said...

Love the house!!! We have a s/w large home. Nothing custom but your basic cookie cutter. It is a multi level but I am looking foward to getting a ranch that looks alot like that after all the kids are gone.Our youngest doesnt graduate from high school for 8 years[and I am bout your age Debbie] but anyway your house looks awesome.
Thank you, Jesus, for all the support from their friend!
Connie Lukacs

Anonymous said...

Yay for your house!! That is really exciting. If I lived in Chicago, I would love to come help, but alas, North Hollywood is a bit of a long commute. Hope the move goes well! God bless!
Bonnie <><

E and K said...

Eeeekk!!! Your new house is beautiful!!!