Monday, June 30, 2008


Deb just got in Baltimore Sunday afternoon, after a 5 hour flight delay, and said Dan seemed very congested. [He has had colds before, which means lots of suctioning and trach changes.].

She got a call around 11:30 pm, that KKI respiratory felt it would be good for him to have a c-scan to check for a pulmonary embolism. They went across the street to Johns Hopkins ER last night from 11:30 pm to about 8 am. where they sat in a corner most of the time waiting for doctors to see him. [it's a busy, inner city ER, with 5-6 ambulances in dock at all times.]

He did not have any blood clots, but he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He is having difficulty breathing, and has gone on the vent as I type this. He just feels extreme shortness of breath, so this may help him to feel more comfortable, and so respiratory can add vaporizing treatments also.

Keep him in your prayers. We'll try to update ASAP.


Anonymous said...

We are praying!!

Jane-Jane said...

Oh Dan...I'm praying for a SPEEDY recovery for you! Hope your meds help you as much as those Z-packs help me when I get bronchitis. If they have you on steroids, I'll be praying that you have minimal side effects from those.

I'll be praying!
Jane in SC

beth said...

Knudsen Crew,
I will pray that Dan does not become discouraged. There is sooooooo....much going on in all your lives right now. The lung stuff is definately something we can understand here. We know how much havoc it can place into your life. May you feel the prayers of the faithful and not feel alone.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear Dan is going through all this...plainly speaking, IT SUCKS AND TICKS ME OFF. Don't mean to be ticked off and not sure who too get ticked off at. God. Kinda God[sorry Lord for my anger] but it really just stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praying w/o ceasing.
Connie Lukacs

trish said...

You are a strong guy and we have a strong God. I agree with Connie, this does stink but God is still in control. Just hurry up and get better so you can start giving me my sports updates. I can't watch ESPN without someone to explain it to me. Ha. Your room at the new house looks awesome.
We pray for you everyday.

with3blessings said...

Praying Hard!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Dan...

Sherin from Portage, MI