Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dan & Mike

Happy Birthday Dan & Mike

22 years of giving us incredible fun, much laughter, too many celebrations and sporting events to mention, countless blessings, and making raising twins . . . seem quite easy for us. (OK, there were a few times . . .!)

Mike, you have a great new future at WMU working on your master's degree. Those high school kids where you'll be working this year are really going to look up to you and see your leadership and your Godly wisdom. You're making wise choices, and we're excited to see where the Lord directs you.

Dan, you have always enjoyed persuading others to agree with your opinion. Now you have such a wide platform to speak and give testimony for God's grace in your life. We know that you are pressing forward and continuing life, and despite a major set back, you are not letting that injure your spirit. You still make us all laugh.

Enjoy this next year, as both of you are on the right paths of life.

We Love You, and are very proud of both of you guys,
Dad & Mom


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike and Dan from a Gramma and Grampa who are so proud of you. One of our best memories is when you came over to our house for dinner and played games with us. Those are precious and will always be treasured in my heart. You young men are such a testimony of God's love and grace - and God's strength through tough times. God grant you many more as you live life for Him. Love you so much.

The Aimster said...

happy birthday dan and mike!!

Your big sister said...

I'm so proud of my little, sorry, younger, brothers. See you soon!

What's New? said...

Hi Dan, My name is Wendy. I have been praying for you since your accident. You were on our church prayer chain. I live in Washington State and I have been a C6 Quadriplegic complete for about 41/2 years now. I think of you often and wonder how you are doing. I noticed it was your birthday today, so I wanted to wish you a happy one. It is our son's birthday today too. He is 14.
Write me if you get board.
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Joyous Day of Birth to you both! :-D
Bonnie <><

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan and Mike!!!
I pray that you both rejoice in the Lord today.
Connie Lukacs

Kernel said...

The pictures of Dan and Mike when they are younger are awesome! Seriously keep putting more up, it makes me smile! Miss ya lots Dan and still praying for you as you make your return to CU!