Thursday, August 23, 2007


Please pray for Bill -- I didn't really believe it would happen, but his back went out. Because he's been lifting Dan every day, today it all "crashed." He is hardly able to walk or even sit. He's not sure if he should find a chiropractor in Cleveland or wait until he gets home.

I am not able to lift Dan, so we'll need some strong hands when Dan gets home until we are able to purchase the proper lift. We have had some generous donations, so we may already have enough for Dan's computer equipment as well as the lift. Thank you.

I hope this is one of those temporary back issues and not permanent damage -- he's never had back trouble before.

Good news: Dan's surgery is Friday morning!!


Mamá to the best 2 said...

oh no dad!!! we'll be praying you can either find some help in OH, or make it home quickly. also praying tons for the surgery tom morn!

Anonymous said...

Go to a chiropractor as soon as possible! My husband put his back out terribly some years back and waited to get to a chiropractor. The minute he "finally" went to one, he got relief!! And, if it is disc trouble, he really should get it taken care of soon. Amazing how wonderful chiropractic is! (I'm not a chiropractor :o)) Praying for Bill and all of you! God bless you and keep you all! We know He will! ~A faithful prayer partner.

Nicole said...

good luck this morning. We are all invincible until God is through with us. he's watching over you.

Laura Elliott said...

Dear Bill, Debbie and Dan,
Thrilled to hear of the wonderful surgery! PTL!!! So very sorry to hear of your back pain. We will be praying for relief for you. God is faithful. He is with you through all of this and will hold you close.
Much love,

Aunt Sue said...

Hey, Bill and Dan and Nurse Dan,
I've been praying all day for success in surgery and BILL's BACK.
I read all the details on the D. Pacer and my heart jumped for joy. I am very excited for you, Dan.
God give you all a safe trip home. "The Battle is the Lord's--HE will provide."
Love you dearly,