Tuesday, August 28, 2007

computer connection

As computers are fast,
some computer services and friends are faster.

This is a live photo of Dan being setup with his computer, his connection to the world outside this house, his CU email, his facebook, his IM chat, his online college classes [starting soon] and on it goes. He remembers most of what he learned at the RIC tech therapy. And away he goes.

His computer sessions sound like this:
"start listening, open window, novell, mouse click, show numbers, 24, login, tab, mouse grid, 1, mousegrid, 5 [tells the mouse to move to a certain location on a page] open, dknudsen, tab, letters, delete that, back space, click right, show numbers, show speech recognition, inbox"

It took all of that last segment just to open his email. Longer than the few clicks and passwords that you and I use, but it works. Dan is glad to be "doing something" even if it is wading through 30+ "beginning weeks of college" emails, [CU has kept his same email account open, and he prefers not to give it out to the world - LOL], but he enjoys knowing what's going on at the 'ville. Cedarville University that is. He has been laughing and commenting on a few of the emails and videos.

Some dear friends, Alan & Marty donated an unused laptop, and Josh [CU '05] and the company Signature Tech Studio did all programing and set up this morning. I told you it was fast. Windows Vista has a voice recognition program in it The joust has been purchased and will help with some mouse applications. A wireless headset will be purchased so that he can move away from the computer (no hands to disconnect the cord :)

Other people volunteered to help with getting Dan set up, programming, etc, and we will call on you in the future.
Our lives are always up in the air, and as we try to use all who volunteer things, it sometimes is just the timing of the request or that you sent us a second request that brings action.

Thank you for the overwhelming support, notes, money, that you have provided. You uplift and overwhelm us, especially when we are down from dealing with an insurance administrator, the house, "who's stopping by today", food and equipment, or just Dan's day-to-day care and needs.


Gramma said...

As I walked in the room today, Dan was using his new "voice driven" mouse for the computer. How interesting! And, it is fast, actually, faster than the one I have now and it was just bought 15 months ago. Wow, I am so happy for you Dan. I know you will be so creative and really enjoy the computer. It is amazing how the computer obeys his command! Keep it up Dan. You are such a blessing!! Love you - Gramma

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine if I hadn't navigated the web and facebook for even a day not to mention a few months. i know it must be good to be on there again.
Much love,
-Ethan H.

Mamá to the best 2 said...

so glad for the fast "computer service"!! now you won't have to use the google search engine to find yahoo.com ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your daily routine. It sounds overwhelming yet with God's strength you keep on "keepin' on". Praise Him for that. It is a testimony to His power as well as your dedication and willingness to keep putting one foot in front of the other. As you said, this is probably more of an organizational adjustment having Dan home. Once his pacer is activated I'm sure a lot of the logistical details will be less of a challenge. Thanks again for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

I am really touched by your faith. It is easy to let life get you down, and you have a very unique situation where many people would find it completely normal for you to lose faith. Your story has really encouraged me in my own life, and own hardships, and I want to thank you for that. You are constantly in my prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time from your busy hectic days to keep us up to date on how life has changed for you all. I pray for you often and the updates let me know how to pray. It will be great to see posts - someday - from Dan as he heals and uses the computer ore and more. God bless you all. You must be special people for God to pick you for this task her on earth!
In His Grace - Bev - Keizer, OR

Anonymous said...

We are still praying in Northern Ohio...So happy and proud you came to Cleveland to get this wonderful device. I am so looking foward to the day that Dan writes the blog for the day. That he shares his thoughts and concerns with us his internet family. As always your in my thoughts and prayers.