Sunday, August 12, 2007

1 week down ...

and Dan is doing great.

Well, it has been 1 week as of Monday, that we have been home. Dan is glad that he did not have to visit the hospital ER, or have the paramedics called. It has helped that we have had 2 very qualified nurses helping us out for a few days. [One guy who worked at RIC on the spinal cord floor for 13 years.]
Isn't God good?

We are still asking for help, and training these next few weeks, as the nursing help will be cut in a few weeks.

Friday we borrowed a handicap van from friend John and went to look at vans. Dan wanted to check out headroom, leg room and smoothness of ride. Any one got $55k for a '07 Honda Odyssey - VMI conversion van? [LOL - that's okay, well find something more affordable.] Minivans have the highest headroom when the floor is dropped 10", with direct from the ground easy access, AND the front passenger seat can be removed, so Dan could ride "shotgun" when he takes the van back to CU. (someone else would be driving of course :)

We also visited a guy who is the 4th recipient of a
diaphragm pacer for breathing. More on this procedure later this week. It's very exciting.

On Sunday, Dan had 13 CU classmates that stopped in for lunch and a visit . They were involved in an SGA event in the area, lead by Dan's OPE brother - Jeff Beste. Dan was at the top of his game with non-stop communication and fellowship with his friends. There is no better therapy for him than when he "hangs out" with his peers. There is no better therapy for us than to see Dan in his old talkative and smiling frame of mind.

So thank you ladies and gents [sorry, forgot most your names already] for taking the time, going out of your way, and for providing lunch from Portillo's for us Knudsen's ... AND your prayers.

Good times!

[In the area? Just call and drop by for a visit. We're here!]


Sweetness said...

Great to visit with you, Scratch!!! Wish we were closer and could make MORE of those visits. You are looking good and I look forward to your making it down some time for an OPE soccer game. I love you, brother.....

Brittany said...

It was amazing to get to visit with you again Dan!!!! Can't wait to see you on your visit to Cedarville in the fall!!

Anonymous said...

I have been informed that the Marianjoy Rehab ctr over by wheaton posts a board with conversion vans for sale as well as RIC. It might be worth calling or stopping by to see if anything is out there.

Also, there are numerous companies which do van conversions. A quick call to each of them might yield leads toward an affordable unit.

Anonymous said...

i hope you didn't pick on Beste too much when he stopped by...i am glad to hear he brought you a nice lunch, tho!
you're in my prayers...

Anonymous said...

My aunt is a nurse at Marion Joy. I will see her today and ask her if she has any info about a van.

Keep eating the yummy Portillo's!
Don't forget the chocolate cake.

Deb, if you need ANYTHING at school, PLEASE do not hesitate to call me. I can bring my kids to school Saturday morning and we can work on decorating your room, if you need more help. They are great workers:)

Jenny Salowitz

Amber said...

Still praying for you, Dan and the rest of the Knudsen Family! :) ..'Checking in' as become part of my routine, and I find myself praying for you constantly. Thank you for being a constant encouragement to me, as you seek HIS face and trust in His mercy and grace. You have not been forgotten.

Amber Metz

matt morgan said...

Hey Captain Thkrach (scratch)!!!!! This is matt morgan from Puebla Camp (one of your original co-counselors). I just wanted to drop in and say hello... I havent written or checked your page in a while but i just wanted to let you know that not many days go by that i dont think about what happened at that camp... Not many days go by that i dont think about how God has used you in an amazing way. I wanted to thank you for your awesome example and dedication to following God. You have been used so much more than you will ever know. I have been able to reference you to sooo many different situations!!! I just tell myself to "remember Dan" and my perspective and my attitude just changes!!! I pray that God would continue to use you and just bless you continually!!

love you man!!
I also just wanted to say to your parents and to your family that they are awesome too and that i can see where your amazing examples and walk with God comes from!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN A WAY THAT WILL ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO CONTINUE BLESSING THOSE AROUND YOU AS YOU HAVE BEEN DOING!!!

matt... (may the glory be to God!!)