Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Well, Dan has survived 2 days at home with his parents as his only caregivers

His appetite is improved, [which was a given], thinks he wants less sleep and pain meds, likes the better selection of cable channels, but especially the dropping in by anyone who is passing by. "There's no place like home!"

I've lost track of how many times he has been transferred from bed to chair and back, but my back is feeling it. [note to self: get to the gym and visit the chiropractor] We are supposed to get a hydraulics lift any day. His bed is a wee bit too short for his 6'1 frame, and we are working through a few other equipment issues. We could not hear his vent alarm when he was in his room, even with all doors open, so for the next few days we have moved his bed to the family room, which is also next to our bedroom. We are working on a house alarm for his "nurse call button" IE baby monitor of sorts.

Needs #1 ~ People willing to help out on a weekly or monthly rotation basis with Dan's daily care; from 30 minutes to a few hours.

His physical care and needs are overwhelming at times, and may I say, labor intensive. There is no nursing care provided with the insurance plan we have, and both of us have jobs to keep up with. It can be anything from helping to get him ready in the mornings, exercising his arms and legs, bringing food and/or feeding him at lunchtime, reading to him, watching him for a few hours, helping with occasional showers, helping with his bedtime time routine. We need your help to be a relief sitter. email>

Needs #2 ~ Dan needs a handicap customized mini van. A "dropped floor" model is preferred for his height, and we are not sure if he needs a raised roof. Doors and ramp [not a lift] can be manual. AC and heat is a given. We have found a few used ones with 100k miles for around $20K, but most that will accommodate his tall height run in the $26k- $30k range. We are planning a medical visit to Cleveland in 2 weeks [more on that later] and would rather not have to waste money renting one. Maybe you know of someone who does not need theirs anymore, or wants to trade up. All of these costs seem pretty high to us, considering that most of our vehicles have been purchased at auto auctions, have 100k+ miles on them, and range between 4 and 14 years old.
email your findings to:
donations - see "How To Help" on the right of blog page.

Needs #3 ~ Meals for us are being set up by Sarah Schmitz, wife of Drew Schmitz: Harvest Bible Chapel ~ Elgin Family Director . If you want to help out, email Sarah at:

Needs #4 ~ A Lot AND a rental house, condo or apt. Oops, did we forget to mention that we had a solid contract on our house within 10 days of listing it? [Sorry, too much going on here.] We can only view the quick sale as a God thing. Thanks to God, your prayers and Jay, our real estate agent.

We could use the lot immediately as it will take 5-6 months to build. We have a general contractor aka Papito, but need to purchase an inexpensive lot. Is there a vacant lot in your neighborhood that is OK for building? Any builders out there wanting to unload or free- up inventory? The target search area is: east of Rt 47, south of I-90, west of the Fox River, and north of Rt. 38. Towns would include Elgin, Geneva, Gilberts, LaFox, Lily Lake, Pingree Grove, South Elgin, St. Charles, Wasco.

We also need a place to rent by Oct 1st. - apartment, house, townhouse or condo on 1 level or at least a bedroom and full bath on the first floor.

That's ALL that is going on in the Knudsen's lives.
Thanks for your checkinondan support and prayers.


Jane-Jane said...

lots to take in... but TEN DAYS!!! with the market the way it is everywhere... not THAT IS a GOD THING! Thank you Jesus!

I'm going to link this post to my blog later today.... ya just never know who is reading and what they have to offer!

Been eating any pasta Dan???

I will be out of the loop for a couple of weeks, but will check in when I can. Know that I am praying my heart out for you guys!

Praying Jane

Kati Carter said...

Oh my word! Congratulations on selling the house, and SO stinken quickly! I'll keep my eyes and ears open for anything that may be useful for you all.
Glad you're home and happy Dan!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for all the blessings! Our God is a great God and He will provide all your needs. Enjoy being at home! See you soon the Morzaks