Monday, August 20, 2007

Help for Dan

Dan has been a bit quiet for a few days, and we were able to have a good talk (and a cry) last night about him being "stuck" with nothing to do but sit in his manual wheel chair [insurance delays on the power one] and watch TV. So, we have to come to you again to see if you can help us. I told a friend at school today that I was tired of having to ask people for things, and of course, she encouraged me to put it out to you.

Dan could use some equipment. These are things he used at RIC and was getting quite good at using the computer. This is expensive equipment, and it frustrates me terribly that such prices can be charged. Here goes:

Jouse 2 The lowest price we've seen is $1,495. :( This is a computer mouse that Dan controls with his mouth & tongue.

Dragon Naturally Speaking -- a voice recognition program for the computer. Dan would prefer the Professional version which is $900, but can use the limited Preferred edition. $200.

Any laptop computer with a Window Vista OP SYS, as it works better with the above equipment.

I almost forgot -- a Maxi brand Electronic lift. The Hoyer hydrolic lift that the insurance company sent does not fit nor work for Dan, so000 Bill is lifting him 4-6 times every day, and his back is not doing well. (He visited the chiropractor today and had a special electronic treatment.) The lift is quite expensive, but maybe some of you eBay and internet shoppers know where to look.

You can email us at the email address located at the right of this blog if you have any ideas of how to help us acquire these items. With keeping up with Dan's daily care, we don't have the time or energy to think about a fund raiser.

There are other pretty amazing environment control devices (TV, computer, light and door, controls, etc.) out there that we will look into at the new house, (or wherever that may be!!) A friend has volunteered to help implement some things for Dan now. So, with this help and the meals we're receiving, we are thankful, and it makes it so hard to ask for more "stuff."

Thank you once again for letting us be vulnerable. You provided for our needs while at NMH & RIC i.e. meals, parking, gasoline, tolls, the few hotel rooms we used, 2 condo's, as well as repairs to our house.

Now, for some cutting edge medical news:

On Tuesday, Dan and Bill (and nurse Dan) will travel to University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH. On Wednesday, Dan's phrenic nerves will be tested. If they are intact (and the Dr. thinks they probably are because of his high C1& C2 injury level), Dan will be implanted on Friday with a diaphragm pacer. This is a device that will enable him to breathe without the vent [and 8 devices that are plugged in to keep him alive].

We will share details with you soon as possible, but for now, would you pray for a safe journey, peace of heart, and 2 working intact phrenic nerves.

click on >> Diaphragmatic Pacer System [DPS]


Elliotts said...

Dear Bill, Debbie, and Dan,
I am so excited to hear about this surgery and all the possibilities it holds for Dan. I am praying that this works out for Dan and gives him real freedom. We are praying for you daily and that God will consistently give you the strength you need to walk through each day.
Laura and Matthew

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do the best I can, being a 13-year-old in a totally new city/state/country. I know you'll be ok, with all the people who love you. I'll save up all my money for you.