Friday, July 27, 2007

VIsits are Great!

Dan is feeling so much better. I can't wait for him to be back up in his chair all day instead of, "Now let's do 1 1/2 hours twice a day." (The pressure sore surgery was quite extensive.) He never has a taste for anything, but he at least eats something for each meal.

Watching or listening to the CUBS play is a much anticipated activity, but Dan really enjoys visitors. He especially enjoyed his nieces! Dan has been looking at their photos every day and can tell them apart easily. Their visit was definitely the highlight of his week! He is fascinated by everything they do.

We will be home very soon. Sometimes I get discouraged because other spinal cord patients are 'zipping' around in their wheelchairs before they leave, and Dan will be going home still working on just being upright for an extended amount of time. But, nothing of Dan's process has been "normal"!!!

Let me just say again how much we love you. You take care of us above and beyond the call of duty.


Chelsie said...

Hey Dan,
I've been working at a camp in Washington this summer as the High school staff leader and once a week I get to go into a cabin and share my testimony. I have been able to share about Mexico and how God worked through our team and through your accident. My High School Staff and the campers are praying for you and your family. One came up to me today and said that hearing about your accident made her realize that she can't put off living for God so that she can do the things she wants to do and that she never knows what will happen so she is making the decision to rededicate her like to Christ and remove things from her life that she has been doing. It still amazes me how God is using your testimony to change lives. Keep it up! Glad you are making progress - little by little :-) I am glad your nieces have been able to visit you, after all that they have gone through just to get to the US. Congrats to your family, I am sure those girls are going to be a blessing :-)

In Christ Alone,
Chelsie Hoffman

Jane-Jane said...

Dan... I am praising God for your willingness to eat when you don't have an appetite. My prayer is that He will at least reduce my desire and greatly increase yours (have I mentioned that I NEED to loose some weight?) God has been faithful to this point... I know and trust that He will be faithful to the end!

So tell me... are those girls as adorable in person as they are in photos??? I found your blog through their adoption blog... so I am totally praising Jesus for blog land. It has been a joy to pray for ALL of your family! Hey... how are the newlyweds???

Have a GREAT weekend! I'm still praying for you man! I know that God will carry you through all the hurdles and through all the miles you are going to put on your wheels!

And... so you are not normal either... I don't think there has been anything in my life that would fall under the category as normal. Except for maybe being a pain in my parents behinds while I was in my teen years. Now that must have been normal!

See ya!

elj377 said...

I agree with Jane's comment--nothing about our life is normal either! I am sorry that you are feeling discouraged by what you feel is a lack of progress! However, I know that God has great things planned, has accomplished great things and will continue to show his faithfulness to you! We are praying for the ability to be back in your chair for long periods a day and for a most increased appetite~! One of our favorite things your mom made for us when we had Jaron was this amazing Chicken soup with both Potatos and Pasta! It was so good! Maybe if you feel like it she'd make you some! Well, that's it for now! Praying for your fam!

The Jonathan Clan

graceling said...

Hey Dan,

Just wanted to say that if you can tell the girls apart just by looking at their pictures, you have skills far beyond my own.

Man, I have no clue which one is which when I see their pics:)Maybe it's a twin thing?

Sorry you have no appetite; it's a bummer to feel like you "have" to eat instead of "want" to eat. Have you tried some pretzels dipped in Nutella? Nutella always gives me an appetite:)


Abraham Vivas said...

We continue to pray for you in Puebla, and well we know that God is still working in your life, and we are sure that God will continue to use you for His glory, after all, all we do should be to the praise of His glorious grace!!!
God bless you Dan adn family!!!

Vivas family

Anonymous said...

do you have an equipped van with a lift that you can get in and out of?I have a very old one that I would be willing to give you. Perhaps it could be of use to you temporarily till you find one of your own. It is a full size 1993 Ford 150 with a 6 inch lowered floor and a raised roof.the air conditioning/heating fan does not work. Please contact me if you're interested in it.

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to read the comments that God is using you to impact lives!!!
I wish each of us could say the same about our lives.
Lord please take me on the path that will bring the most glory and honor to you!
Praying for you and myself in Northern Ohio.