Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chipotle Today

I think the new strategy for anyone who visits Dan, is to eat food in front of him. He has been inspired in the past, to eat food that is being shown in TV commercials, etc. [yes we have requested that the food channel be added to the cable line up at RIC].

Take today for example. Dan had only had a few sips of my Jamba Juice for his breakfast. Nothing else.

"Dan, how about a banana?"~ "(head shake), NO"
"Dan, how about a frosted flakes?" ~ "(another head shake), NO"
"Want some Gatorade?" ~ "(head shake), YES"
[half hour later] "Dan, how about McDonald's sausage biscuit?"
~ "(head shake & frown of the face), NO"
"Dan, how about a PB&J sandwich?" ~"(slight look of disgust to me) "NO"
[much later] "Dan how about cheeseburger from McDonald's" ~"NO"

THAT was breakfast.

A CU college dorm mate of Dan's stopped by on his way through Chicago. [Thanks Griffin] We decided to have Chipotle, but Dan was still not hungry and didn't want anything to eat. Shortly after we started eating, Dan asked for a taste of Deb's chicken taco. This is the most exciting thing in a few days. He ate a few bites, and asked for more, so we ran 3 blocks and got 2 more chicken tacos and he ate one of them. YES!

So to all who visit, come with an empty stomach and plan on eating in front of Dan. LOL Maybe this new tactic will work.

Dan has been in his manual wheel some for the past few days, but has NOT been increasing by 15 minutes increments each day. We have yet to leave his room and go around the floor, or go out for a stroll as we did before his surgery. Continue to pray for these things.


Mamá to the best 2 said...

praying, praying and soon we'll be there with YOU!!! We are so excited for the girls to finally meet their Uncle Dan -- 3 more days!!!

Papá to the best 2 said...

Oh, what I wouldn't do for some Chipotle right now! Hope that appetite comes back real soon. See you next week.

Jane-Jane said...

Dan, Dan, Dan.... if you need someone to eat with, I could be THAT person! I love to eat!

Ya gotta eat and get back to spinning your wheels... the girls are coming home!!! WOO HOO!

I'm praying for you dude! I understand your complacent attitude... I feel that way when satan attacks me, saying I am not worthy because of my broken female organs... Little does satan know, that Jesus will use anything satan throws our way for HIS glory. Build that Kingdom Dan!

Love in Jesus' name,

Anonymous said...

The girls or coming the girls are coming. I think they will want to go for many long rides with Unlce Dan. You better get ready!!!!

Sweetness said...

Okay, I am all over that. Of course, seeing Dan would be the MAIN reason for visiting, but eating is ALWAYS a good reason to do ANYTHING!

Amber said...

Tomorrow I'm going with a few friends to Columbus, and I'm sure we'll be stopping at Panera or Chipotle (or both, haha) on our way through..soo..I'm going to make sure I eat extra just for you! :) I'll be thinking about you even more the next couple days, as I'll be in the Chicago area but unfortunately unable to visit..but in any case, know that I can't wait for the day I can encourage you in person and also know you're loved by the entire CU Family, the Metz family and most importantly, your Heavenly Father. :)

Amber Metz